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Anani Responds To St. Johns latest comments
May 18, 2003
(MAY 18) On May 16, 2003, WBAN had an One on One Interview with Sumya Anani
AND in that interview, Anani talked about her latest fight with Fredia Gibbs. Mia "The Knockout" St. John took exception to a few remarks made by the Island Girl, and responded to that Interview.

Anani has contacted WBAN to comment on some of the statements that St. John made about the Gibbs fight.

Anani told WBAN the following:

Okay...I have to respond to Mia's defense of Fredia. I believe you Mia, that Fredia broke her thumb(s) in a sparring session two weeks before the fight. OK, I believe you.

But knowing that she had two broken thumbs, she went ahead with plans to fight anyway.  Mia is telling us that Fredia knowingly went into a fight with an injury. She (Fredia) decided to go into the fight acting as if she were 100%. Bottom line, she was less than truthful with the promoter about her injury because all she cared about was her money....her paycheck.

She (Fredia)  didn't bother to think about how this would mess up the promoter's fight card----never mind ESPN, who was putting a female fight on T.V.....never mind all the female fight fans who were looking forward to watching the rare seen women's bouts on T.V.   All that Fredia seemed to be concerned about was getting her money.

So she wasn't honest and truthful with anyone. So, in light of this information given by Mia, I honestly don't think this scenario 'saves Fredia's face.' And as I said,  I take your word that she broke it in sparring.......I really do. BUT, that she lied to the promoter and showed no respect for the show because she knew she couldn't go 8 rounds with an injury that hasn't had time to heal. She showed no respect to the fight fans. She showed no respect for my career. She showed no respect for women's boxing by not letting two healthy fighters get the T.V. exposure. I think it would have been better if Mia hadn't responded to my interview----- now instead of looking like a chicken, Mia exposed Fredia for what she really is....

If she would have told the promoter the truth, the promoter would have had  time to get another fighter to take Fredia's place. This happened two weeks before the fight, as Mia says, right? Not two days, or two hours, but two whole weeks....plenty of time for the promoter to find a replacement to fight me, but not enough time for any fracture to heal. OR the promoter could have put TWO other female fighters in that spot. Considering that there is so much talent out there, and so many women that would have love a chance to be on ESPN, and so many women that DESERVE to fight on ESPN, and haven't had the chance.

That is what really gets me, and I've already said it, but the fact that Fredia would so easily and carelessly jeopardize an opportunity for women to get T.V. exposure. AND that she robbed boxing fans of a game fight proves that she doesn't really care about the sport, but is only in it for herself.

I do not personally respect Fredia's choice of actions here. What a shame...........to risk ruining her reputation for the sake of getting a paycheck? To jeopardize her future career for a paycheck...........because if other promoters get wind of this, let's just say that I don't think Fredia's phone will be ringing off the hook. Doesn't anyone think about applying values like truth to their career in boxing? Or is that they just don't have any values in the other areas of their life either? No wonder the sport is suffering like it is.

I look at boxing like a microcosm of the macrocosm---the moral principles we apply here (in the fight game), we also apply in other aspects of our life (relationships, raising kids, jobs, etc). If these values are not applied personally by each individual, how do we expect it to be applied between communities, between nations? No peace will ever prevail in the world until each individual assumes responsibility for their own actions. When all the people of a given society dedicate themselves to an accepted ideal and gather courage to live up to their convictions, then, and only then, will the society grow into a noble nation..........then a noble world community.

I do believe in my heart of hearts that all people are good. Deep down, I believe that there is the Light of goodness in all of us. We just need to remember that we come from Love, and our dharma on this planet is to return to Love. May all beings discover, awaken, and live from the Spirit of Truthfulness. God Bless. "Sumya 'the island girl' Anani

If anyone would like to comment to Sumya, you can visit her website at:  www.sumya.com



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