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About Sue TL Fox




Chevelle with WBAN and IFBA title belts
Copyrighted photo taken by Lorie Steinhorst


Chevelle "Fist of Steel" Hallback, a 5'6" lightweight/junior welterweight  burst into prominence in the world of women's boxing on March 6, 1998 when she defeated veteran Bonnie Canino on Canino's home turf in Fort Lauderdale to take a newly created WIBF Intercontinental Super Featherweight title.

Chevelle was born on September 3, 1971 in Plant City, Florida.  She began training as a boxer in June 1996 and went directly into the pro sport six months later. (She told us that she tried to get matches as an amateur ... but nobody would fight her!). She made her pro debut against another debut fighter, Connie Plosser, in Miami in January 1997, winning by TKO at 0:47 of the first round.  (Plosser hasn't fought since).

With this brief fight as her only competitive experience, Chevelle next found herself matched against the most dangerous opponent in the world, Dutch junior welterweight Lucia Rijker, on the undercard of Nelson-Hernandez on March 22, 1997 at Memorial Coliseum in Corpus Christi, Texas.

This would have been a stretch under any circumstances, but Chevelle told me that she was unaware of who she was fighting ... until she saw an HBO special on female boxing the night before she was due to fly to Texas for the fight! That was how she learned that her next opponent was a world-famous undefeated kickboxer who was now carving a swath through the ranks of professional female boxers as a junior welterweight!

Chevelle took the first round from Lucia with her high pressure offense but Rijker's experience and power (as well as her ability to fight effectively mocing backwards!) prevailed and led to a knockout in the fifth round when Chevelle was clearly exhausted. (For more details please read the full fight report).  It was scandalous that Chevelle Hallback was thrown into this fight with less than one minute of competitive boxing experience ... against probably the best female boxer in the world!

Chevelle now says that this was "the biggest mistake that I have made". The story behind the scenes of this fight is alarming. She had been told that Rijker had had only three previous fights and "she was not good at all." The moment she saw Lucia on the HBO special, Chevelle knew that she had been lied to, and that she was not ready to fight her. But she felt that if she did not still take the fight, she would not be able to get any more. "So I went", she says. "When the bell rung I thought if I could just rush her and hit her with some good blows I would take her out and win the fight! WRONG! I was doing very good the first round. But after the first round I was so tired, I did not know whether I was coming or going!" She says her trainer was not giving her any useful advice, but her pride would not let her let give up. "So I went out there and gave it all I had!" She feels that if she had had more experience and had been in better shape, she could have given Lucia a much harder time.

This was clearly an example of cynical matchmaking at its worst, and one that could have spelled an early end to Chevelle Hallback's ring career. But she now says that she learned from the experience and will make sure that nothing like it will ever happen to her again.

Chevelle stuck to her own goals, changed trainers, and went on.

On May 21, 1997 she defeated Judy Mayrand in Tallahassee, Florida by TKO at 1:07 in the 1st round, dropping Mayrand to 1-1 (1 KO).

On 20 September 1997 she fought Bethany Payne of Atlanta in Boca Raton, and won by TKO at 0:46 of the first round. Payne fell to 2-4.

Chevelle began training with Luis Avila about four months before she fought Bonnie Canino for the WIBF Intercontinental (Super) Featherweight title in Fort Lauderdale on March 6, 1998. Although Hallback was still seen as an underdog against the veteran Canino, the outcome of this match was very different from her encounter with Lucia Rijker. Hallback's hard-charging style had Canino backing up from the opening bell and she constantly pressured the veteran, firing punches from down low. Bonnie retired after the 6th round after being cut over the right eye and on the left eyelid, with Hallback leading on the scorecards. Canino dropped to 5-2-0 as a pro boxer with this loss.

"Bonnie was a warrior ... it was a good fight!", says Chevelle. "I think I was just too quick for her and when she went to hit me she could not find me. When she would try to run from me I was right there to cut her off."

With this win, Chevelle Hallback "arrived" on the radar of most women's boxing fans, but she did not fight again until June 11, 1999 in Bossier City, Louisiana, when she moved to 5-1 with a four-round unanimous decision over Hayd Nez of Puerto Rico, who fell to 1-3.

This illustrates a common problem of unaffiliated female boxers. Promoters often refuse to put unaffiliated fighters on their cards, a practise that keeps many good fighters out of the ring and many good fights from happening. Boxers and fans alike lose out when nobody can find a way to bring the top boxers together. Chevelle's long absence from public view after her match with Bonnie Canino was an unfortunate example of how boxing politics can keep an exciting (and eager) fighter out of the ring.

Chevelle told me in 1999 that she'd like a rematch with Lucia Rijker eventually, but only after she got more experience. "I do not want to go up in class right now", she says. "But give it about another year and if she is still around, it will be a rematch! Because I know I am not going anywhere!"

Chevelle's opponent drought ended when the IFBA sanctioned a bout with Canada's undefeated Doris Hackl for its vacant Junior Lightweight belt on April 26, 2000 in Kenner, Louisiana. Hackl brought a 3-0 pro record but had been 17-0 in national and international amateur competition. Doris outpointed Chevelle over ten rounds to win the title by majority decision, but many observers felt that Chevelle's aggression had been enough to win a very close and well-fought fight. Ryan Wissow reported to WBAN: "An excellent fight, and a good clash of styles. Hallback was the aggressor and clearly the much harder puncher, but the taller southpaw Hackl was very precise with her combinations, although she sometimes slapped with her punches. Hallback missed with some wild punches, but she also managed to land several bombs and she had Hackl clearly in trouble on a couple of occasions. But Hackl came on strong later in the fight as Hallback began to slow down and lunge ... Hackl counter-punched pretty well. Hackl couldn't hurt Hallback with a baseball bat, but she showed good stamina and fought a pretty smart fight. Although I feel that Hallback did enough to win the decision, the fight was VERY close with rounds that could have been scored for either fighter, and Hackl was awarded the decision, which the crowd booed." 

Chevelle battles Laura Serrano in July 2001
Copyrighted photo taken by Mary Ann Owen

On July 8, 2001 at Texas Station in Las Vegas, Nevada, WIBF Junior Lightweight champion Laura Serrano (5'4", 130 lbs) of Mexico moved to 11-0-2 (3 KO's) with a six-round majority (58-56,59-55,57-57) decision over Chevelle (also 130 lbs). Hallback was the aggressor throughout a well-fought and entertaining bout, but Serrano's accurate punching gave her the edge on the scorecards. Serrano looked much the worse for wear at the end of the fight, with a cut on her forehead (from a clash of heads) and a closed left eye.

Butch Gottlieb commented on Inside Women's Boxing: "Chuck Giampa who in my estimation is one of the best judges in the world must have been watching a totally different fight than everyone at ringside including his two peers who were also scoring the fight, the media and television people who all felt that Hallback had won the fight and in the worst case scenario got a draw. Giampa scored the fight 5 rounds to 1 for Serrano while the other 2 judges had it 4-2 Serrano and 3-3, a draw. When are the Nevada judges going to give credit to a fighter who institutes the action and does the damage to the opponent but does it while backing up? It seems like the only way you win a fight on points is to be the aggressor while moving forward?"

On November 16, 2001 at Convention Center in Austin, Texas, a scheduled ten-round bout between Chevelle (128 lbs) and Snodene Blakeney (129) of Austin for the WIBA 130-lb world title was ruled a technical draw after the second round because Blakeney had received a deep gash to her head. Hallback had been taking the fight to the durable Blakeney when a clash of heads caused the gash. Blakeney was 10-8-1 (2 KOs) with the draw. (For photos and video clips of this fight, see WBAN MPEG/Photo Gallery #126 on the WBAN Records Member Site.)

On March 22, 2002 at the Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle won a six round unanimous (58-56,60-55,60-54) decision over Brenda Bell Drexel of San Marcos, Texas. My correspondent writes that Chevelle won this one by using her speed and quickness to good effect against the always-hard-charging Bell Drexel. Chevelle advanced to 6-3-1 (4 KO) with the win while Bell Drexel fell to 5-12-1 (0 KO).

On April 27, 2002 again in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle (132 lbs) won another six-round unanimous (60-55,60-54,60-55) decision over Brenda Bell Drexel (140 lbs) who fell to 5-13-1 (0 KO). There were no knockdowns but both landed some good shots throughout the fight.

On June 4, 2002 at Morrell Park in Savannah, Georgia, nearly 4,000 fans (3,000 getting in free) saw Chevelle (129 lbs) win a six-round decision over #15 Ranked Junior Lightweight Shakurah Witherspoon (127 lbs) of Philadelphia who fell to 9-28-1 (4 KO) with the loss.

On June 29, 2002 at Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle won by a TKO over Brenda Bell Drexel of San Marcos, Texas when the ringside physician stopped the fight after the fourth round. Bell Drexel fell to 5-15-1 (0 KO). According to Savannah sportswriter Donald Heath, "Hallback looked like the Energizer Bunny, peppering a game, but over-matched Brenda Drexel."

On August 27, 2002 at Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia, a crowd estimated at 1200 saw Chevelle (127 lbs) win a ten-round unanimous (98-92,99-92,99-91) decision over #4 ranked featherweight and WIBF Featherweight champion Alicia Ashley (127 lbs) of New York to claim the IBA women's Junior Lightweight title. Hallback dominated the last eight rounds of bout after both landed well in the early going. Ashley slipped to 7-4-1 (0 KO).

On September 27, 2002 at Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle (132 lbs) won by a second-round knockout over unranked Vanessa Pine (140 lbs) of Puerto Rico. Hallback ended the scheduled six-rounder with a shot to Pine's body. Pine fell to 1-3-0 (1 KO).

On October 20, 2002 at Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle knocked out Vikky Clardy of in the first round.  Clardy fell to 2-4-0.

On November 22, 2002 at Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle, the #6 ranked junior lightweight by my computer rankings, scored a first-round KO over Willicia Moorehead of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who has never gone the distance against anyone with a winning record. Hallback improved to 12-3-1 (7 KO) while Moorehead fell to 2-10.

On December 28, 2002 at Johnny Mercer Theater in Savannah, Georgia, a crowd estimated at 1200 saw Chevelle win a unanimous (98-91,97-95,100-90) ten-round decision over #2 ranked featherweight Layla McCarter of Las Vegas. Hallback knocked McCarter down in the second round and dominated the early going with her aggressive style but McCarter rallied as the fight went on. McCarter could not match Hallback's punching power, however, and the outcome was never in any doubt according to my correspondent. "She's a great boxer and gave me some problems with her movement, but I'm still the champion," said Hallback. McCarter fell to 12-9-4 (2 KO). Because McCarter reported a hand injury before the bout, it was not  recognized as an IBA Junior Lightweight title defense by Hallback.

On March 29, 2003 at Jarrell's Gym in Savannah, Chevelle (145 lbs) pounded out a unanimous six-round (59-55) decision over former IFBA/WIBF welterweight champion and Mitzi Jeter (138 lbs) of Doraville, Georgia. Hallback gained 12 lbs to fight Jeter, then got the better of her in an action-packed bout by throwing lots of punches and using her superior boxing skills to counter the hard-hitting former welterweight champ. "Mitzi gave me the toughest fight of my life," Hallback said. "I have to thank God for giving me the strength in this fight." 

"(Hallback) is getting better and better, but I think she needs to come down," said promoter and trainer Mike Jarrell. "She doesn't need to fight in that weight class." Jeter slipped to 16-4-2 (4 KO).

Chevelle poses for the crowd!On April 26, 2003 at Jarrell's Gym in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle (137 lbs) won a six-round unanimous (59-55, 59-55, 60-54) decision over Mitzi Jeter (145 lbs) of Doraville, Georgia in a rematch of their March 29 contest. Both the result and the action were similar to the earlier fight, with Hallback outworking the veteran Jeter, who refused to back down under a powerful onslaught from Hallback. "I felt I was much more relaxed, and I took my time more," said Hallback, adding "I believe I hurt her more this time than last time. The first time around, I punched myself out this time, I wanted to relax and take it easy." Jeter carried away some bruises but said that she had fought better than in their earlier bout. "(She) has a lot of speed, and she's a gutsy fighter," said Jeter, "I won't take anything from her." Jeter fell to 16-5-2 (4 KO), losing three straight for the first time in her career.

On May 31, 2003 at Jarrell’s Gym in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle won a six-round unanimous (59-54,59-55,60-54) decision over Britt Van Buskirk of Carbondale, Illinois. Hallback was too strong and too fast for the veteran Van Buskirk, wearing her down with nonstop action and a hard-hitting body attack. Van Buskirk fell to 10-18-2 (5 KO).

On June 28, 2003 at Jarrell's Gym in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle breezed to a six-round unanimous (60-54,60-54,60-54) decision over Brenda Bell Drexel of San Marcos, Texas. This was Hallback's fourth win over the scrappy Bell Drexel, who took the fight at short notice. "Her style is a little different now than it was when we first fought," said Bell Drexel, "She uses her quickness and she has a right hand you really have to look out for. There were times out there I was like, 'Where'd she go now?' And then that right hand would find you. Most of the top women have speed, but Chevelle has power and speed and I felt it." Bell Drexel fell to 5-20-2 (0 KO).

On August 30, 2003 at Civic Center in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle won a ten-round unanimous (99-89, 100-88, 99-88) decision over Melissa Del Valle of Miami, Florida defending her IBA 130-lb title.  WBAN's insider said that in the third round, Hallback threw a right hand that made Del Valle go  to one knee to take a count.  In the fifth and ninth rounds, Del Valle lost two points for holding.  In the sixth round, both boxers headbutted each other. Del Valle (formerly Melissa Salamone) suffered her third straight loss and fell to 27-3-1 (11 KO).

On September 20, 2003 at Jarrell's Gym in Savannah, Georgia, Chevelle (137 lbs) won by TKO at 1:57 in the first round over unranked Michelle Ewing (151 lbs) of Hickory, North Carolina. Ewing fell to 0-4-0 (0 KO).

Chevelle lands to the face of Mary Jo Sanders
Copyrighted Photograph taken by Dan Graschuck

On May 20, 2004 at Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie, in Michigan, Mary Jo Sanders of Detroit, Michigan won a ten-round unanimous decision over Chevelle for the IBA Continental Junior Welterweight title. Sanders improved to 9-0-0 (2 KO) with the win. This was Chevelle's first loss since July 2001. (For more photos of this fight, see WBAN Photo Gallery #174 on the WBAN Records Member Site.)

On June 4, 2004 at Chinook Winds Casino and Convention Center in Lincoln City, Oregon, Chevelle (132 lbs)  stopped veteran southpaw
Bonnie Canino (131 lbs)  of Dania, Florida at 1:05 of the final round of a scheduled four-rounder. Canino, a former WIBF and IFBA Featherweight champion, had been retired from competition for five years.  She is an active boxing trainer who had come to Lincoln City with her protege Yvonne Reis on a card the previous day. She agreed to this bout at short notice because the promoters had been unable to find an opponent for Hallback, who sometimes trains in Canino's gym.  Canino's jab wasn't enough to keep Hallback at bay in an entertaining fight that several people told me was was halted prematurely, although Hallback was clearly controlling.   Canino's pro record fell to 15-4 (5 KO).

vs. Layla McCarter in July 2004
Chevelle fires a shot to the body of Layla McCarter
Copyrighted photo take by Tony Duffy

On July 2, 2004 at Pala Casino in San Diego, California, Chevelle defended her IBA Junior Lightweight title with a 10-round unanimous (98-92,97-93,99-91) decision over Layla McCarter of Las Vegas in a well-fought bout that was featured as the co-main event on a card carried live on ESPN2's Friday Night Fights. Hallback's aggression set the pace of the fight and won her a clear edge on the judges' scorecards, but McCarter counter-punched effectively throughout the entire bout, especially when Hallback came after her with looping shots. Hallback worked aggressively with solid jabs and left hooks, while McCarter sat back and absorbed the punishment. Teddy Atlas of ESPN2 scored the fight 96-95 for McCarter. McCarter fell to 17-11-4 (2 KO). See Photo Gallery #186 on the WBAN Records Member Site for more photos by Tony Duffy. After the fight, McCarter said that she felt the decision was fair, because "I was playing too much defense and letting her get off too many shots without return." Hallback complimented McCarter, saying: "I had the harder punches, but she had a beautiful jab. She can be a champion."

On January 26, 2005 at the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, Missouri, Chevelle TKO'd Kim Colbert of Southfield, Michigan in the second round, but not without a fight! In what a fierce action-packed battle, Colbert stunned Hallback in the second round, and knocked her to the canvas for an eight count. Hallback got up and went after Colbert hard ... Colbert landed a couple of bombs with a left hook, but then began to take some heavy hits and the referee stopped the fight. The crowd booed the stoppage because Colbert was still returning fire. According to WBAN's insider, after the fight, Colbert took a punch at Hallback afterwards, and the fight resumed outside the ring, so security was called to stop the donnybrook. WBAN's insider also said that Colbert was "fearless" against her much more experienced opponent. Colbert fell to 2-5-0 (2 KO).

On  March 13, 2005 at Roppongi Velfarre in Tokyo, Japan, Chevelle (129 lbs) won the WIBA Super Featherweight Title with a ten-round unanimous decision over local favorite Emiko Raika (128 lbs) of Japan.  Hallback improved to 24-4-1 (11 KO)

On October 7, 2005 at the A La Carte Event Pavilion in Tampa, Florida, a scheduled ten-round main event between Chevelle (135 lbs) and Melissa Del Valle (137 lbs) ended in a "no decision" at 0:11 in the third round when Del Valle's lip was badly cut by a clash of heads. Hallback had lunged in to throw a combination, and her forehead hit Del Valle's mouth, bringing blood gushing from a one-inch gash in Melissa's upper right lip. Referee Telis Assimenios called for the ringside doctor to examine  Del Valle's lip and the bout was ruled a no decision as Del Valle was unable to continue following what was determined to be an accidental headbutt. Del Valle's record became 29-5-1 (11 KOs, 1 ND).

Belinda Laracuente vs. Chevelle in Edmonton, Canada
Copyrighted photo taken by Mary Ann Owen

On November 18, 2005 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Chevelle (129 lbs) won a clear ten-round unanimous (98-92,98-92,98-92) decision over Belinda Laracuente  (129 lbs) of Miami defending her WIBA Super Featherweight title. There were no knockdowns during the bout.   Hallback moved to 25-4-1 (11 KOs, 1 ND) while Laracuente fell to 22-12-2 (9 KOs).

On May 24, 2007 at Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and televised live on ESPN2, local favorite Holly Holm (139 lbs) won a 10-round unanimous (100-90,100-90,98-92) decision over Chevelle (137 lbs) for the IFBA Junior Welterweight world title. Hallback, ranked #1 in the world at junior lightweight by WBAN, was stepping up in weight to face Holm and also coming off an almost 18-month absence from competition. She appeared tentative for much of the bout and rarely closed the distance to Holm for long enough to shake Holm's confidence. Hallback fell to 25-5-1 (11 KOs) with the loss while Holm improved her record to 18-1-2 (5 KOs). (For photos of this fight by Mary Ann Owen see Photo Gallery #429 on the WBAN Member Site). 

Chevelle slugs it out with Terri Blair
Copyrighted photo taken by Mary Ann Owen

On July 2, 2007 at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California, Chevelle (133 lbs) defeated Terri Blair (133 lbs) of Louisville, Kentucky by an eight round unanimous (79-73,78-74,77-75) decision in an eliminator for the IFBA Lightweight title. Hallback boxed skillfully to hold off the hard-charging and hard-hitting Blair. The fifth round was a slugfest with both trading their best shots in toe to toe action that liberated Hallback's chest protector, forcing her to continue without it. “It was rough” said Hallback, adding “She never hurt me in the fight but after the fight those body shots she landed bruised my ribs. My trainer kept telling me to fight outside but you know me, I like to fight on the inside too. I felt I was doing alright inside. It’s easy to see how she beat Sumya Anani that girl can really punch, she can really fight. She’s very good.”  Chevelle improved to (26-5-1, 11 KOs) while dropping the bloodied but always-pressing Blair to 9-13-2 (6 KO's).

“That was as good as a women's match can be,” said promoter Roy Englebrecht. "I felt it was a lot closer,” said Blair after the bout "but Chevelle is a great fighter.”  (For more photos of the fight by Mary Ann Owen, see WBAN Photo Gallery #434 on the WBAN Records Member Site).

Chevelle Hallback vs Melissa Hernandez in February 2008
  Copyrighted photo taken by Lori Steinhorst

On February 7, 2008 at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California, Chevelle took on Melissa Hernandez of New York in a ten-round barn-burner for the vacant IFBA Lightweight title. According to WBAN correspondent Bill Ortega: "The first round began with Hallback connecting with a one-two combination that rocked Hernandez and had her looking dazed. Then Hallback seemed to retreat and that was all Hernandez needed to recover her senses. The fight was on. The Bronx fighter jumped on Hallback with her busy combination punching and when Hallback tried to retaliate, Hernandez would move out of range. Hallback, a very athletic fighter with quickness and power in each hand, returned in the third round with powerful shots that once again seemed to hurt the gritty New Yorker. But she backed off again.
Back and forth each round seemed to go until the final two rounds. Then Hallback seemed to realize she needed to dominate the last two rounds and stepped up her punch output. Big blows rained off Hernandez’s head but she refused to buckle under the intense pressure. With only 10 seconds left, Hallback blasted a right hand off Hernandez’s jaw but she survived by firing back though trapped in the corner. The crowd roared wildly."
Dr. James Jen Kin favored Hallback by 97-94 and judge Vince Delgado scored the fight for Hernandez by 97-93 while Judge Gwen Adair saw it as a 95-95 draw, for a split draw decision.

“That's what women's boxing is all about,” said Hallback. “You have two fighters. They're skilled. They're hungry." Hallbeck said she felt she might have stopped her smaller but quick and combative opponent, but she had apparently eased up when she sensed she had her rival hurt. I don’t know why I kept backing off, maybe it’s because we’re good friends.”  Chevelle moved to (26-5-2, 11 KOs) while Hernandez's record went to 7-1-2 (2 KOs). This was clearly the fight of the night on an star-studded all-female card that was later seen on Fox Sports Net TV.

Chevelle lands a right to the jaw of Jeannine Garside
  Copyrighted photo taken by Mary Ann Owen

On June 13, 2008 at the Isleta Casino and Resort in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in a PPV co-main event, Chevelle (132 lbs) pounded out a 10-round unanimous (96-94,99-91,96-94) decision over previously unbeaten Jeannine Garside (132 lbs) of Windsor, Ontario Canada for the IFBA Lightweight World title.  Hallback also received a "history's first" WBAN Championship Belt for this win, which moved her record to 27-5-2 (11 KO's) while Garside's pro record fell to 7-1-1 (3 KO's).  See Photo Galleries #480, 481 and 482 on the WBAN Records Member Site for more photos of this fight by Mary Ann Owen and Lori Steinhorst.

Chevelle was also awarded WBAN Fighter of the Month for June 2008 on the strength of her win over Garside.

Holly Holm vs Chevelle Hallback
Holly Holm vs Chevelle Hallback in March 2010
Copyrighted photo taken by Tom Hernndez

On March 26, 2010 at the Isleta Casino and Resort near Albuquerque, New Mexico, Holly Holm (139 lbs) of Albuquerque won a 10-round unanimous (99-91,98-92,98-92) decision in a rematch with Chevelle  (138 lbs) for the WIBA Junior Welterweight title. Rick Wright wrote in the Albuquerque Journal: "While absorbing some of the hardest shots she has taken in her eight year professional career, she (Holly Holm) withstood the challenge of a determined Hallback to take a victory by unanimous, deceptively lopsided 10 round decision ... Holm agreed despite her similar dominance on the cards, this bout was far more difficult than her May 2007 victory over Hallback.Hallback herself said: "I did do more this time, and felt the fight was much closer than the judges scored it. Holly never hurt me, but she had a good game plan and I let myself get frustrated by her movement, which resulted in me not throwing enough punches to put her away, especially when I had her hurt several times. People say she doesn't come to fight, that she comes to run, but at the end of the day, she won the fight, and at THIS time, she is the pound for pound best. But - in saying that, I want to let my fans know I am not going anywhere and maybe somewhere down the line, there will be a fight #3 with me and Holly."  Holm improved her record to 27-1-3 (7 KO's) with the win. 

On December 3, 2010 at the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Chevelle (135 lbs) won an eight-round split (78-74,77-75,75-77) decision over scrappy local favorite Victoria Cisneros (132 lbs) of Albuquerque who fell to 5-11-2 (1 KO).

On May 7, 2011 at the Koncerthuset in Copenhagen, Denmark, Cecilia Braekhus (145 lbs) of Bergen, Norway won a ten-round unanimous (97-93,98-92,98-92) decision over Chevelle (142 lbs) defending the WBC, WBA and WBO Welterweight titles.  Although the scorecards heavily favored Braekhus, many rounds were close as the smaller Hallback appeared to surprise Braekhus with her punching power and raised a noticeable swelling under the defending champion's right eye wih one of several hard shots in the fifth. Braekhus had controlled Hallback in the early rounds but Hallback swung for the KO in the last two rounds while Braekhus used her mobility to get away and secure the points decision.  "It was a good fight, but I still have some things to work on", said Braekhus, adding "my guard was not good enough.  I did not think she would hit as hard as she did."  Braekhus improved to 18-0 (4 KO's) while Hallback fell to 28-7-2 (11 KO's).

On November 5, 2011 at the Palais des Sports in Toulon, France, Myriam Lamare (140 lbs) of Marseille, France won a 10-round unanimous (99-91,98-92,96-94) decision over Chevelle Hallback (139 lbs) for the vacant IBF Junior Welterweight titlle. The judges' scoring appeared to be somewhat generous towards Lamare, who moved round the ring well and boxed effectively while Hallback was the aggressor for most of the later rounds.  Hallback started cautiously behind her jab but later went to the body to try to slow Lamare down then  tried to loop punches past Lamare's quick defense.  Neither was ever in trouble for long although Hallback occasionally caught the straighter-punching Lamare with powerful flurries. The well-fought and entertaining fight between two of the world's most experienced female pro boxers was televised on EU Eurosport.  Lamare improved her record to 20-3-0 (10 KO's) while Hallback fell to 28-8-2 (11 KO's).

Chevelle told me that she wanted to box ever since, as a little girl, she used to get up in the middle of the night to see tapes of Muhammad Ali's fights on TV. She remembers telling herself "I can do that!"  She has been in sports all her life: throughout grade school and high school she ran track and played basketball and at one time her ambition was to play pro basketball. She believes that her track experience now contributes to her speed in the ring.

Chevelle HallbackChevelle's other sports avocation is women's professional American tackle football ... she's been a running back for the Tampa Bay Force, whose regular season started in November 2001.  Chevelle describes her own style as "I have power in both hands and I am a very awkward fighter. I come at you from all angles and it is very hard to hit me. I am a very different fighter than when I fought Rijker. I am much stronger, I am very slick, and I hit hard with either hand. I am a thinker when I am in the ring and that is an art. While I am thinking and fighting most girls are just in there fighting. You have to think while you in there ... I out thought Bonnie and I came out the winner. A lot of girls just come right at you ... you have to fight giving angles and I do that and I know how to slip punches. I really do not like to hit, but l like to not get hit and I make a game out of it when I fight. It's like hit me if you can. I love it! But when I do hit, BABY, it is nothing nice!"

Music plays a large role in Chevelle's preparations for a fight. She likes to dance when coming out to the ring to get herself hyped. She listens to music to settle herself down before a fight, and also trains to music. "Sometimes when I fight, like when I fought Bonnie, I strike a tune in my head and fight to the tune or the beat of the song. It helps me keep my timing and do unique and different moves in the ring you would not normally see a female do."

As of July 28, 2007 Chevelle was a free agent. Call her at (321) 805-2334 to contact her concerning fights. 

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