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About Sue TL Fox
Delia Lopez with Mexican title belt

5'1" junior flyweight Delia "La Japonesa" López is from Tlaxcala, México. She was born on November 16, 1976 and has been boxing professionally since 2001. She quickly established herself as the top junior flyweight in México.

She made her pro debut on September 15, 2001 in México City, México, fighting Adriana "La Torera" Chamoza of México City to a four-round draw in a straw-weight bout. Chamoza was now 3-8-2 (0 KO's).

October 26, 2001 at Arena Mexico in México City, México, Delia López won a six-round unanimous decision over Guadalupe Villa in a junior flyweight bout.

On February 23, 2002 at Arena México in México City, México, Delia López won a four-round unanimous decision over Andrea "Nena" Benitez of México City, who slipped to 6-1-2 (2 KOs). See Photo Gallery.

On April 13, 2002 at Arena México in México City, México, Delia López won by a six-round unanimous (58-56,58-57,58-56) decision over Gloria Rios of México City, who fell to 3-3-0 (0 KO's). FightNews reporter Emmanuel Rustrián described this as "an amazing female bout in which Delia López dominated, hurt and outpointed Gloria Rios".

Delia López lands to the face of Elizabeth Sánchez Bello

On December 14, 2002 at Arena México in México City, México, Delia López scored a TKO at 1:45 in the fifth round over Elizabeth "Chiquita" Sánchez Bello in a bout for the Mexican Junior Flyweight title. Both this and the CMB continental title fight between Johnny González and Francisco Mateos that followed were, according to La Jornada’s Jorge Sepulveda Marin, notable for the "bravery and commitment" of the participants. In the women’s match, it was the leaner, hungrier López gunning for the title from the start, driving the somewhat portly champion backwards and cruelly exposing her lack of mobility. “They fought on tiptoe like ballerinas,” noted Sepulveda, translated for WBAN b Ewan Whyte, "and La Chiquita simply wasn’t fast enough on her feet to play the defensive game. Overhead rights sent her crashing to the canvas in the first and at the end of the second round, and she took a terrible pounding in the third as La Japonesa tried without success to finish her off. It must have seemed in the fourth that La Chiquita’s bravery had been rewarded and that López had burned herself out as the intensity of the fight dropped off sharply with neither fighter doing the other any serious harm. All that was to change in the sixth, though, when Delia connected with a hard right to the champion’s jaw following swiftly with a combination that had the referee rushing to separating them. Sánchez didn’t fall but she had a distant look in her eyes as though she didn’t know where she was, and the referee had no option but to stop the fight." Sánchez Bello, who was making her first title defense, fell to 7-4-0 (1 KO) with this loss.

Gloria was voted 'Fighter of the Year' for 2002 in México by Promotora Mexicana de Boxeo (Promebox).

On May 30, 2003 at Auditorio Morelos, Aguascalientes, AG, México, Delia López defended the Mexican Junior Flyweight title with a sixth-round TKO of Gloria Rios of México City, who fell to 3-4-0 (0 KO's) with her second straight loss to Lopez. The bout had been scheduled for ten rounds. According to a report in Cambio Sonora, "Throughout the fight, Delia López managed to keep the challenger at a distance, though Gloria Ríos did succeed in landing one or two good punches. In the end, the superior technique of the champion proved decisive. Prior to the sixth round stoppage, López had already had Ríos down twice, once in the third round with a hard punch in the face and again in the fourth with a shot to the liver."

On October 11, 2003 at Casino Real in México City, México, Delia López (108 lbs) TKO'd unranked Adriana Chamoza (103¼ lbs) of México City in the sixth round of a scheduled 10-rounder for the Mexican Junior Flyweight title. Chamoza fell to 3-8-3 (0 KO) with the loss.

On April 17, 2004 at Sala de Armas de la Magdalena Mixihuca in México City, México, Delia López fought Gloria "Dinamita" Rios-Lopez of México City to a ten-round (96-94 Lopez, 97-94 Rios, 96-96) draw to retain the Mexican Junior Flyweight title.  According to a fight report translated for WBAN by Ewan Whyte, "Rios caught López full in the face with a straight right almost on the opening bell and López, clearly hurt, was on the retreat throughout the first round, which she barely survived. When she came out to finish it in the second round, Rios got a nasty surprise: the champion had recovered and began to outbox her. As she set out trying to make up the lost ground, López caught her several times with powerful right and left hooks that almost had her on the canvas, but Rios held on."  Box Latino thought a draw was a fair result.  Rios was 3-4-1 (0 KO's). After studying tape of the match the Comisión de Boxeo del Distrito Federal (Federal Boxing Commission of México) ordered an immediate rematch.

Ríos and López were due to fight again on June 8, 2004 but a combination of a kitchen accident and a bee sting put López out of action ... much to Delia's disappointment. "I was really looking forward to showing Gloría Ríos that I'm better than her," she quoted as saying. "It's very curious," she added, "a bee stings me on the jaw and it swells up. That's more success than any of my opponents have had."  

The Comisión de Boxeo del Distrito Federal later designated Adriana Chamoza as the official challenger for Delia López’s Junior Flyweight title, based upon the belief that no promoter could be found for a fourth Ríos v Lopez fight. However, Ríos’s manager, Raúl Lopez, presented them with a contract signed by Prestige Boxing Promotions to stage such a bout and the commission president, José Alfredo Isselin, has promised that the CBDF will reconsider its decision.

On February 10, 2006 at the Men's Club in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, Delia dominated Blanca "Venadita" Pérez for seven rounds before the overmatched Pérez retired in her corner. According to a report sent to WBAN by Ewan Whyte, "Apparently Perez made a promising start hoping to surprise Lopez with rapid combinations, but the champion ("experienced, precise and devastating") had by far the heavier punch and the challenger's enthusiasm quickly began to wane. As early as the third, she was seen to be 'weakening'; by the end of the fourth, she was clearly tired, and received a merciless beating in the fifth, sixth and seventh. During the interval between the seventh and eighth rounds, according to Jesús López's report on the Box Latino web site, Pérez's managers, José and Eddy Reynoso, decided not to let her continue; but, if they did, they can't have informed the referee of their decision because the bell rang anyway. Delia came to the middle; Pérez stayed put; and with the eyes of everyone in the room upon her, the poor girl burst into tears."  Pérez's record is unclear, but she had not fought professionally for several years. Lopez improved to 8-0-2 (4 KOs) with the win.

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Page last updated: Saturday December 15, 2012


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