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About Sue TL Fox


5'2", 108-115 lb Elena "Baby Doll" Reid was born in Phoenix, Arizona on November 1st, 1981 and now lives and trains in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Elena, who was interested in sport from an early age and began boxing at age 15, says "a guy friend" sparked her interest in the sport. She did not compete as an amateur boxer, but began her career in combat sports in karate and kickboxing and won an Arizona state kickboxing title at age 17. 

She also participated in soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball and cheerleading from fifth grade through high school. She was the only girl on her brother's soccer team.

Elena made her pro boxing debut on April 18, 2000, at Midnight Rodeo n Phoenix, weighing in at 120 lbs and defeating debuter Jo Ellen Caldwell (117½ lbs) by a four-round unanimous (40-36,40-36,40-37) decision. This would be Caldwell's only pro fight.

On July 16, 2000 at Arizona Charlie's in Las Vegas, Nevada, her second pro fight pitted her against a tough opponent ... Layla McCarter (126 lbs) of Las Vegas.  Layla improved her own record to 3-4-1 with a four-round unanimous decision over Elena (122½ lbs) ... then went on to become the youngest boxer to win an IFBA world title by defeating Sandra Yard for the IFBA Featherweight belt on October 7, 2000.

On August 26, 2000 at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Elena (118 lbs) TKO'd Jessica Elgin-Combs (121 lbs) at 0:58 in the first round. Elgin-Combs, making her pro debut, was overwhelmed by Elena's aggressiveness and the bout was stopped with Combs bloody-nosed and unable to defend herself.

On October 2, 2000 at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, Elena (114 lbs) won a four-round unanimous (40-36,40-36,39-37) decision over Yvonne Caples (112 lbs), who dropped to 2-3. Reid pressured Caples throughout the fight, throwing many accurate combinations.

On October 10, 2000 at Webb Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, Elena (119½ lbs) won by a TKO over debuter Brandy Leon (121½ lbs) of Prescott, Arizona at 1:07 of the first round. Reid overwhelmed Leon with straight lefts and right hooks and the referee stopped the bout because Leon was not fighting back.

On November 19, 2000 at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, Elena (117 lbs) won a four-round unanimous decision over Nina (Bertha) Gonzalez (118 lbs) of California. Reid got a nasty gash over the right eyelid by a clash of heads in the opening round, but she overpowered a plucky Gonzalez in all four rounds. Gonzalez dropped to 2-3-1 with the loss. 

On January 28, 2001 on a card fought in an outdoor ring on a parking lot at Park 'N Swap in Phoenix, Elena (116 lbs) battled to a four-round majority draw in a rematch with Yvonne Caples (113 lbs). Elena won the odd rounds, but Yvonne came back in the even stanzas as they fought to tallies of 38-38, 38-38 and 39-37 (for Reid) on the scorecards. Yvonne's record moved to 3-3-1 with 1 KO.

On September 25, 2001 at Midnight Rodeo in Phoenix, Elena weighed in at 113 lbs and won by a TKO at 1:21 of the first round over Valerie Williams (118 lbs) of Las Vegas, who was making her pro debut. Williams attacked the smaller Reid aggressively but Reid's boxing skills soon dominated the bout. Williams took six straight shots to the head that brought referee Nico Perez in to stop it.

On January 25, 2002 at the AVI Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, Elena (112 lbs) battled Luz Rodriguez (113 lbs) of Mexicali, Mexico to a bloody four-round split (39-37,38-38,37-39) draw. Reid moved her record to 6-1-2 (3 KO's) while Rodriguez's record went to 1-2-1 (0 KO's).

On April 5, 2002 at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Elena (116 lbs) won a hard-fought six-round decision over a game Monica Michel (113 lbs) of Albuquerque, New Mexico, who fell to 0-3-0. My correspondent described it as "six rounds of exciting, non-stop action" and said the fight was best of the night with the crowd cheering hard for local favorite Reid (who had enough left when the dust settled to celebrate her narrow win!). Reid took two attempts to make the agreed weight for the fight.

On April 20, 2002 at MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Elena (114½ lbs) won a four-round unanimous (39-36,39-37,39-37) decision over Luz Rodriguez (111 lbs) of Mexicali, Mexico who fell to 1-3-1 (0 KO). Reid started the bout slowly and Rodriguez was able to land clean lefts and rights to the head, including a straight right that badly bloodied Reid's nose in the second round. But Reid has been bloodied before and fought on to win, and this was no exception as she roared back in the third and fourth rounds with hard-hitting combinations that had Rodriguez hurt and covering up. Reid and Rodriguez had previously battled to a bloody draw in January. [See  fight photos by Roger Williams of Boxing in Las Vegas].

On June 7, 2002 at Rawhide Wild West Town Theme Park in Scottsdale, Arizona, Elena (114 lbs) won a four-round unanimous (40-36,40-35,40-35) decision over Tracey Moulton (118 lbs) of Denver, Colorado, who was returning to the ring after a layoff since August 2000. Moulton looked flustered by the southpaw Reid's speed in the opening round and was knocked down for a quick count by a straight left to the ear. Moulton got up quickly and Reid continued to press the issue with both fists, though losing leverage by swinging her punches against her taller opponent. Moulton used her reach advantage to better effect in the second and caught Reid with some straight shots although Reid continued to throw more leather. Reid became more mobile in third and controlled the action from the outside, then went back to the attack in the fourth and kept Moulton off balance all round. Moulton tried to wrestle Reid and punch while they were tangled up, but Reid handled this tactic well and cruised to a clear win on all the scorecards. Moulton fell to 4-4-1 (2 KO). The bout was seen live on ESPN2's Friday Night Fights because the men's Main Event was stopped early.

On July 19, 2002 at Yakima Legends Casino in Toppenish, Washington, Elena (113½ lbs) won by TKO over Yolanda Gonzalez (114¼ lbs) of Newark, New Jersey at 1:35 in the fifth round. Reid dropped Gonzalez twice in the opening round and had the upper hand for the rest of the bout, landing frequently with hard straight lefts and stunning Gonzalez again at the end of the fourth. Gonzalez fell to 7-5-1 (3 KOs).

On October 1, 2002 at Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, Elena (119 lbs) won a six-round unanimous (58-56) decision over Terri Lynn Cruz (123 lbs) of Denver, Colorado. Reid dominated the first four rounds with hard shots and a wicked jab. Cruz then came on stronger to take the last two rounds and had the crowd on its feet cheering both on. Cruz fell to 4-3-2 (2 KO).

On November 19, 2002 at Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, Elena (117 lbs) won a six-round unanimous (60-54,58-56,58-56) decision over LaKeysha Williams (119 lbs) of Philadelphia. Despite the lop-sided score by one judge, this was a good fight that had the crowd on its feet as they exchanged punishing shots. Reid's boxing skills made the difference as she used good lateral movement to keep Williams at bay. Williams fell to 6-4-1 (1 KO).

Elena Reid battles Linda Tenberg
© Copyrighted photo taken by Dale S. Hausner

On February 11, 2003 at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, a crowd estimated at just 600 saw Elena (117 lbs) win a six-round unanimous (60-54,60-54,59-54) decision over Linda Tenberg (122 lbs) of Austin, Texas. According to one ringside correspondent, Tenberg got off to a good start in the opening round but seemed stunned after taking four hard left hooks midway though the fourth round in what may have been the bout's decisive moment. Another feels that Tenberg won the fight and was "jobbed by the judges", however. Tenberg falls to 6-7-0 (2 KO).

Elena Reid and Mariana Juárez fought to a majority draw
© Copyrighted photo taken by Dale S. Hausner

On June 28, 2003 at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, Elena (116 lbs) was held to a majority draw over six rounds by Mariana Juárez (5'4", 113½ lbs) of México City, México. The decision (57-57,57-57, and 58-56 Juárez) drew some boos from the crowd, who had cheered both fighters, both of whom took hard shots throughout the fight. After a feeling out round in which Juárez was warned for holding Reid behind the head while hitting, Juárez began to take the action to Reid harder in the second, although Reid got busier as the round went on. Juárez kept coming forward with Reid using more lateral movement in the third, Reid looping her punches while Juárez more often came straight through the middle. Juárez roughed Reid up against the ropes in the fourth and appeared to have her in trouble but she didn't press her advantage hard enough in the fifth. Reid picked up her pace and was more aggressive in the sixth but Juárez met her blow for blow (and did just enough to win the fight in my view). Juárez's record was now 9-3-3 (6 KO). (See WBAN Photo Gallery #73 on the WBAN Records Member Site.)

On September 26, 2003 at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, Elena (118 lbs) won a six-round unanimous decision over Linda Tenberg (120 lbs) of Austin, Texas. Tenberg was in good shape but could not do enough to offset Reid's quickness and movement. Reid advanced to 14-1-3 (4 KO) with the win while Tenberg fell to 8-8-0 (4 KO). (See WBAN Photo Gallery #103 on the WBAN Records Member Site).

Elena Reid fought Johanna Pena Alvarez to a draw in 2003
© Copyrighted photo taken by Dale S. Hausner

On November 7, 2003 at Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson, Arizona, Elena weighed in at 114 lbs and fought Johanna Pena Alvarez (113 lbs, 20 years old) of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to an exciting four-round (39-37 Pena, 39-37 Reid, 38-38) split draw. Reid landed the harder punches for most of the fight but Pena came on strong in the final round to make it a close call on the scorecards. Pena was 14-1-1 (10 KO) after her first bout outside the Dominican Republic. (See WBAN Photo Gallery #120 on the WBAN Records Member Site)

Punishing Regina Halmich in Germany

On September 11, 2004 at DM Arena in Karlsruhe, Germany, local favorite and German media darling Regina Halmich (111¾ lbs) of Karlsruhe battled Elena (111¾ lbs) to a draw over ten hard-fought and exciting rounds to retain her WIBF Flyweight title.  The scoring of this bout was highly controversial, Judge Oliver Evers of Germany logging it as 98-94 for Halmich, Judge Leszek Jankowiak of Poland assessing it as a 97-97 draw, while Judge Roger Tillerman of Belgium had it 97-93 for Reid.

More people who saw this fight appear to agree with the Belgian judge's assessment than with either of the other tallies. The media called the scores of the German and Polish judges “scandalous” and the German television commentator interviewing Halmich told her they felt she (Halmich) lost convincingly. “I felt I was able to hit her with everything I threw,” said Reid, "she was a very tough fighter.” Halmich moved her record to 45-1-1 (15 KOs) while Elena progressed to 14-1-5 (4 KO).

Despite the controversy and her disappointment over the result, Elena remained positive about her experience in Germany. “They were so wonderful to me,” she said, "the people were so nice to me everywhere I went. I’ll never forget them. They were really wonderful people."

Elena added in an open letter to WBAN: "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to all the German fans and press. Despite the heart breaking decision, my experience in Germany was more than wonderful. Everyone, including the workers at the hotel, the media, all the German people, and Universum warmed my heart with their compassion and kind words. I will certainly never forget the feeling of being embraced by a country I thought saw me as the enemy. I pray to God, that I get a second chance around. That Regina will do the right thing and give me a rematch. After all she is not the one who made the decision, but she does have the power to make it right.  This was my first fight past six rounds. I am more hungry than ever! I hope to light the world with my performances and vow to always train and fight with all my heart. I still have a lot to learn. I also would like to say thank you to my outstanding trainers, UNLV boxing, and everyone that has taken the time to voice their opinions. I truly appreciate everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With lots of Love, Elena Babydoll Reid".

Elena Reid vs. LaKeysha Williams in Las Vegas
© Copyrighted photo taken by Mary Ann Owen

On January 29, 2005 at the Silverton Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the main event on an all-female card promoted by Rock and Sock Productions, Elena (117 lbs) knocked out LaKeysha Williams (120½ lbs) of  Philadelphia at 1:59 in the fifth round of a scheduled eight-rounder.  Reid put on a convincing performance using quick combinations and great defense to control and outpunch the heavier Williams, who often fights at featherweight.  Elena snapped Williams's head back repeatedly with sharp left leads and three-punch combinations, but she delivered the coup de grace with a hard left to the solar plexus that dropped Williams to the canvas in obvious pain.  "This was Elena's best performance," said trainer Chris Ben.

"All I want is a chance to fight for the world title," said Reid, adding that she was looking for a rematch with Mariana Juárez or Regina Halmich. "All my training is paying off."  Reid moved to 16-1-5 (5 KO's) with the win while Williams fell to 8-7-3 (1 KO). 

(For more photos and video clips from this all-female fight card and its weigh-in, see WBAN Photo/MPG Galleries #234, #235 and #236 on the WBAN Records Member Site).

Alicia Ashley vs Elena Reid
Alicia Ashley outboxed Elena in March 2005
© Copyrighted photo taken by Mary Ann Owen

On March 26, 2005 at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, USA,  Alicia Ashley (5'5", 116 lbs) of Westbury, New York TKO'd Elena (116¾ lbs) at 1:04 in the seventh round of a scheduled eight-rounder. Referee Jay Nady stopped the fight because of a cut over Reid's right eye. Ashley had outboxed Reid before the stoppage in this match between two southpaws, using her longer reach, hand speed and ring movement to control the action. Ashley continually popped Reid with jabs and straight lefts, one of which opened the cut over Reid's eye in the sixth.  "I hurt her in the third round," said Ashley. "After that, she didn't want to come in any more." Ashley improved to 11-5-1 (1 KO) while Reid fell to 16-2-5 (5 KO's).

"I'm a little disappointed," said Reid, adding "I have to go back to the gym and improve."

On July 2, 2005 at the Events Center in Reno, Nevada, Elena (111½ lbs) won a six-round unanimous decision (60-51,60-51,60-53) over tough but overmatched Stephanie Dobbs (111 lbs) of Moore, Oklahoma.  Dobbs fell to 17-18-2 (9 KO's) with the loss.

On December 3, 2005 at Bördelandhalle in Magdeburg, Germany, Elena (110½ lbs) lost a unanimous (97-94,96-94-94) decision to Regina Halmich of Germany in a hard-fought rematch of their controversial draw for the WIBF Flyweight title.  Reid was bloodied by the much-improved Halmich in this second encounter, but her supporters still felt that she had done enough to win the bout.  Halmich had clearly learned more from their previous drawn bout which most observers felt she had lost.  WBAN correspondent Peter Guedens summarized the result saying "When seeing the fight for the first time, I thought it was very close, but the more I’ve seen the highlights, the more I get convinced that it was a clear win for Halmich. Using a very clever game plan, she outboxed an overconfident Elena who seemed like she was already celebrating before the fight had even started."  (See Peter's illustrated round-by-round report). Reid fell to 17-3-5 (5 KO's) with the loss while Halmich improved to 49-1-1 (15 KO's).

Elena trades with Mary Elizabeth Ortega
© Copyrighted photo taken by Alan Messick

On August 31, 2006 at Harvey's Lake Tahoe, Stateline, Nevada, Elena (111½ lbs) won the WIBA Flyweight title with a ten-round unanimous (98-92, 98-92, 97-93) decision over Mary Elizabeth Ortega (112 lbs) of Kansas City, Missouri. As reported by Lee Bates of Inside Women's Boxing, "From the opening round, Reid flashed her superior hand speed by boxing beautifully from her southpaw stance, and countering the on-rushing Ortega with head-snapping combinations. This trend continued on until the middle of the fight, when Ortega's consistent pressure finally paid off and she was able to back Reid into the ropes where she landed head shots of her own, winning a few rounds in the process.  Having been on the bad end of decisions in her two previous attempts at a world title, Reid was not going to leave any doubt to the judges. She began to use Ortega's pressure against her in the home stretch of the fight, beating her to the punch and fighting of the ropes. The two fighters had the entire crowd on their feet as they slugged it out toe-to-toe in the final 30 seconds of the fight."   Elena improved her record to 18-3-5 (5 KO's) with the win while Ortega fell to 30-3-1 (7 KOs).    

Elena was named WBAN's Fighter of the Month for September 2006 for this win.

Shin Hee Choi vs Elena Reid for the IFBA Title
© Copyrighted photo taken by Mary Ann Owen

On July 2, 2007 at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California, in the main event, Elena (111¾ lbs) won a 10-round unanimous (100-89 x 3) decision over Shin Hee Choi (110½ lbs) of South Korea for the IFBA Flyweight title. Choi, ranked #9 in the world by WBAN before the fight (to Reid's #2), came out cautiously and threw little offense in the first two rounds. She went to the canvas twice in the third, once from a punch and once from a slip. Reid's confidence was evident as she hurt Choi with body shots and stunned her with hard punches to the head in the ninth. Choi was fighting for the first time outside her native South Korea. (For more photos of the fight by Mary Ann Owen, see WBAN Photo Gallery #434 on the WBAN Records Member Site).  Choi fell to 8-2-0 (4 KOs).

"It's got to be your life. It's a lot of determination. It's a lot of hours. It's a lot of sweat and tears," Reid says of her chosen sport. 

Elena made her debut as a MMA fighter on 28 December 2007 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, defeating previously 0-2 Tammie Schneider of Kansas City at 2:05 in the second round when the referee stopped the bout after Reid landed a series of six hard punches.

On February 28, 2008 at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City,
Eileen Olszewski (110
½ lbs) of New York won the WIBA Flyweight title with a ten round majority (98-92,98-92,95-95) decision over Elena (111 lbs). According to WBAN correspondent Bernie McCoy, "Olszewski controlled the early rounds with her straight up, come forward style. Reid made a valiant attempt at salvaging her title in the middle rounds with effective counter punching to the body. But the new champion clinched the decision by landing the bigger punches more effectively and more often in the last three rounds."
The 39-year-old Olszewski, who had an extensive and successful career as an amateur boxer before turning pro in 2007, progressed to 5-0-1 (0 KOs) as a pro. 

On June 12, 2008 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut, Elena (126 lbs) was held to a draw over six rounds by 19-year-old Ava Knight (124 lbs) of Chico, California who moved to 3-0-2 (1 KO).  Reid was now 19-4-6 (5 KOs).  According to Christopher Connor of Pound4Pound.com, "While the bout seemed a mismatch on paper, it was an exciting fight as the three time S.F. Gold Gloves champ Knight often was the attacker over the reigning IFBA Flyweight champion Reid. "Baby Doll" did her best work in rounds three and six as she used her jab and her experience to frustrate the Chino native, keeping the more aggressive Knight at bay."

"I knew coming into this fight that Ava was the real deal. I have had
trouble getting opponents so we took Ava on and she came to fight",
said Reid afterwards. "This was the largest crowd I ever fought in front of and I was nervous at first of this bout." Knight stated. "But I did well and there are still some things I need to do to improve of for my next fight."

On March 20, 2009 at Sporthalle Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany, Armenian-born Susi Kentikian (111½ lbs), who fights out of Hamburg,  won a clear 10-round unanimous (100-90,100-90,100-91) decision over Elena (112 lbs) defending the WBA and WIBF Flyweight titles. According to WBAN correspondent Torben L.: "Elena Reid  was far from her former glory in last night's challenge for the WBA-WIBF Flyweight titles against Susi Kentikian. The experienced Reid seemed passive and without a game plan, or, if she had one, unable to carry it out. Kentikian took control from the first bell, and didn't have much trouble getting through the American's very ineffective guard. Reid showed little imitative and was too slow to catch her younger opponent. She received quite a punishment throughout the 10 rounds, as Kentikian got through with her combinations without much difficulty. Reid proved she is no quitter in the ring, and she absorbed everything the hard punching champion threw at her." The 21-year-old Kentikian improved her pro record to 24-0-0 (16 KOs)

On June 5, 2010 at Stade Joffre Lefebvre in Lingolsheim, Bas-Rhin, France, Nadia Hokmi (115 lbs) of Strasbourg, France won a ten-round unanimous (100-90,99-91,99-91) decision in dominant fashion over Elena (114¼ lbs) for the vacant WBF Junior Bantamweight title. Hokmi improved to 10-6-1 (2 KO's) with the win while Reid fell to 19-6-6 (5 KO's).

Her first trainer. Mack Walker said of Reid: "She is one of the most dedicated and hardest working boxers I personally have ever had the pleasure to work with. I have seen countless other boxers become world champions with lesser work ethics. We are convinced that she will reach her goal, a world championship."

Elena also told me that she spars with both male and female partners. "Sparring with girls is good because I fight girls", she says, "but I enjoy sparring with guys more. When I spar with guys that are heavier then me, it helps build my confidence. One of her male sparring partner says "I don't think of Elena as a girl, rather a machine so I don't mind hitting her. Besides, she can take it and hits as hard as I do."

Elena vs. Regina Halmich in September 2004

Asked what boxing brings to her life, Elena says "Boxing taught me discipline, determination and the importance of my body. Those three things have given me the inspiration to lead a healthy and goal-oriented life. It's bettered my education and raised the quality of my relationships with my friends and family. My teachers, family and peers always treat me with respect and admire my aspirations and hard work."

Her advice to other youngsters who are wondering if they want to box ... "There are tons of opportunities now. Women haven't always had the option or the support to participate in professional sports. I believe girls should really take advantage of the opportunities professional sports have given women these days. Boxing not only keeps you in shape, but builds the confidence we need."

Outside the ring, Reid places a strong emphasis on family. She credits her parents ...  Kyle, an international broker, and Rose Reid, a registered nurse ... for molding her. They paid a lot of attention and were strict with manners, says Reid, and her parents, older sister and two younger brothers are a big part of her life. 

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