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Hulya Sahin

5'2" junior flyweight Hülya Şahin (a.k.a. Julia "Sunshine" Sahin) was born on February 23, 1974 in Siegen, Germany.  She now lives in Cologne, where she is trained by Michael Timm.

She fought for Turkey as an amateur boxer from 1998 to 2003, quickly becoming one of the most successful members of the national team.

She won the gold medal in the 51-kg division of the 1998 Witch Cup competition in Hungary.

On June 12, 1999 in the 48-kg final of the European Cup for Women in Köping, Sweden, Hülya defeated Elefteria Palaiologou of Greece by a 13-3 score.

On April 9, 2000 in the final of the second European Women's Cup at the Palais des Sports in Mâcon, France, Hülya Şahin defeated Aroussia Hadjam of France.

On April 14, 2001 in the European Championships in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, France Hülya Şahin defeated Vanessa Berteaux (France) to win the 48-kg division.

In the inaugural AIBA World Amateur Women's Championships at the Scranton High School, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA in November/December 2001, Hülya won the 106-lb (48 kg) division with an 8-6 decision over Monika Czik of Hungary in the preliminary round on November 28, followed by an 11-4 decision over Carina Moreno of Watsonville, California, USA in the semi-final on November 30 and a 13-5 decision over 18-year-old M. C. Merykom of India in the final on December 2.

In the 48-kg division of the 2003 European Championship in Pecs, Hungary, Hülya defeated Laura Tosti of Italy by a 23-7 score in the semi-final on May 15, 2003 and Monika Csik of Hungary by a 13-6 margin in the final on May 16, 2003.

She made her professional boxing debut on January 17, 2004 at DM-Arena in Karlsruhe, Germany, easily winning a four-round unanimous decision over Gabriella Insperger of Salonta, Romania, who fell to 0-4-0. According to Women's Boxing Page writer Ewan Whyte, "(Insperger) seemed to be coming forwards quickly and aggressively the whole time only to get caught by quite hard punches from a far classier opponent. Sahin, who models her counter-punching style on that of Roy Jones Jr and was making her pro debut at the age of 28 (or was it 27?) totally outclassed her, winning all four rounds and displaying a varied arsenal of shots, including (at one point) a rather nice uppercut."

On March 20, 2004 at Saaltheater Geulen in Aachen, Germany, she won a four-round unanimous decision over pro debuter Stella Evropiedieva.


On May 29, 2004 at Ostseehalle in Kiel, Germany, she TKO'd Anca Popovic (above) in the fourth round of a scheduled six-rounder. Popovic fell to 0-4 with the loss.

On July 3, 2004 in Stadthalle in Hattersheim, Germany, Hülya Sahin won a four-round decision over Oksana Romanova if Minsk, Ukraine who fell to 2-2-1 (0 KO's).

On July 17, 2004 at Stadthalle in Zwickau, Germany, she won a six-round unanimous decision over Pavla Stankeova of Opava, Czech Republic, who fell to 0-2.

On Spetember 18, 200 at Wilhelm-Dopatka-Halle in Leverkusen, Küppersteg, Germany Hülya (110 lbs) won a six-round decision over Iliana Boneva of Bulgaria, who fell to 0-5 with the loss. 

On October 16, 2004 at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany, Hülya won an eight-round unanimous decision over Svetla Taskova of Sofia, Bulgaria, who fell to 4-9-1.

On Saturday, 15th January, 2005 at Bördelandhalle in Magdeburg, Germany Hülya (112 lbs) won a ten-round unanimous (99-91,100-90,100-90) decision over Maya Frenzel (5' 5½", 111½ lbs) of Karlsruhe, Germany for the German Flyweight Title.  Ewan Whyte wrote that there was a vast gulf in technique and athleticism between Hülya Şahin and Maja Frenzel, but despite that, Sahin hadn’t the power to put her away. Neither woman lives from boxing, but whereas Şahin, with her long amateur experience, knows exactly what’s she doing in the ring (what Michael Timms tells her, most of the time, it should be said) and really looks the part as a professional, Frenzel did rather look like someone for whom boxing was just a whim. One of those incomprehensible whims that have people asking: “Why on earth does she do it?”   Frenzel fell to 5-4-0 with the loss.

On March 5, 2005 at Wilhelm-Dopatka-Halle, Leverkusen, Küppersteg, Germany Hülya (110 lbs) TKO'd Viktoria Varga (111¼ lbs) of Budapest, Hungary at 0:56 in the fifth round, dropping Varga's record to 11-11-2 (0 KO's)

On May 28, 2005 at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart, Germany Hülya (110 lbs) won an eight-round unanimous (79-75,77-75,79-73) decision over Marianne Chubirka (112½ lbs) of Vero Beach, Florida, USA.  Chubirka fell to  3-2-0 (2 KO's).

On July 2, 2005 in Hamburg, Germany, Hülya defeated Oksana Romanova (5' 4½", 110¼ lbs) of Minsk, Belarus with an eight round unanimous (79-73,79-73,77-75) decision. Romanova fell to 4-6-1.

On October 15, 2005 at the Mehrzweckhalle, Düsseldorf, Germany, Hülya (110¾ lbs) won a 10-round unanimous (96-94,98-92,98-92) decision over Daniela Graff (111 lbs) of Karlsruhe, Germany for the German Flyweight title. Graff fell to 3-4-1 (1 KO).

On December 3, 2005 at the Bördelandhalle in Magdeburg, Germany, Hülya Sahin (111¼ lbs) won a 10-round uananimous (100-91,100-90,100-91) decision over Stephanie Dobbs (111¼ lbs) of Moore, Oklahoma, USA for the vacant WIBF Inter-Continental Flyweight title. Dobbs fell to 18-20-2 (10 KO's).

On January 24, 2006 at the Universum Gym in Hamburg, Germany, Hulya (111 lbs) won a ten-round majority (98-96,95-95,98-92) decision over Hagar Shmoulefeld (111¼ lbs) of Tel-Aviv, Israel for the WIBF Inter-Continental Flyweight title. Shmoulefeld fell to 7-3-3 (1 KO).

On April 8, 2006 at the Ostseehalle in Kiel, Germany, Hülya (107¾ lbs) won by a ten-round unanimous (97-94,96-94,96-95) decision over Cathy Brown (107¾ lbs) of Peckham, U.K. for the WIBF Interim Junior Flyweight title.  Cathy Brown fell to 12-7 (5 KO's).  

On September 9, 2006 at Bördelandhalle, Magdeburg, Germany Hülya (107¾ lbs) retained her WIBF Interim Junior Flyweight Title against Marylin Hernandez (107½ lbs) of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic by a 10-round unanimous (97-93,98-92,97-93) decision. Hernandez fell to 13-6 (7 KO's) with the loss.

On January 27, 2007 at Burgwächter Castello in Düsseldorf, Germany, Hülya (106¼ lbs) won a ten-round unanimous (96-93,97-93,95-94) decision over Anastasia Toktaulova (104 lbs) of Moscow for the WIBF Interim Junior Flyweight title, Russia. Şahin was knocked to the canvas by a right hand in the eighth, but came back to secure the decision. Toktaulova fell to 10-8 (1 KO) with the loss while Şahin improved to 17-0 (2 KO's).

On June 30, 2007 at Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany, Şahin (107 lbs) retained her WIBF Junior Flyweight title with a split decision in a very close ten-rounder with Hollie Dunaway (107¾ lbs) of the USA. According to WBAN correspondent Torben L., it took some time for Şahin to get used to the style of Dunaway who had the upper hand in the early rounds. Şahin got stronger as the fight progressed, but it remained very close to the last bell. The three judges split their scoring, with Şahin winning by 96-94 and 97-94 on two cards and Dunaway by 96-94 on the other.  Dunaway fell to 19-5-0 (10 KO's),

On July 28, 2007 at Burg-Wächter-Castello in Dusseldorf, Germany, Hülya Şahin won an 10-round unanimous decision over Delia Lopez of Tlaxcala, Mexico for the WIBF Junior Flyweight title. Lopez fell to 8-2-2 (4 KOs).

On April 5, 2008 at Burg-Wächter-Castello in Dusseldorf, Germany, Hülya Şahin (107¼ lbs) won a 10-round unanimous decision over Yahaira Martinez (105¾ lbs) of Puerto Rico for the WIBF Junior Flyweight title. Martinez dropped to 7-2 (4 KO's).

On October 10, 2009 at Stadthalle in Rostock, Germany, WIBF Flyweight champion Susi Kentikian (111¾ lbs) remained undefeated when she won a 10-round unanimous (98-92,96-94,97-93) decision over Hülya Şahin (110¾ lbs) for the vacant WBO Flyweight title. Kentikian had some problems with Sahin’s speed and power throughout the fight but scored with frequent flurries of punches that kept the 35-year-old Sahin covering up in peek-a-boo stance despite early success with power shots.  For several mid-fight rounds, Kentikian had problems maintaining the work rate necessary to keep Sahin thinking about defense but she was able to ramp up her effort for toe to toe action in the late rounds to earn an edge on the scorecards. Kentikian improved to 26-0-0 (16 KOs) while Şahin fell to 20-1 (2 KO's) with her first professional loss. 

Sahin vs Finer 2010
Sahin vs Finer in October 2010
© Copyrighted photo by Durell Wambolt

On October 20, 2010 at Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario, Canada, Hagar Shmoulefeld Finer (112 lbs) of Tel-Aviv, Israel won a ten-round unanimous  (98-92,97-92,96-94) decision over Hülya Şahin (112 lbs) for the WIBF Bantamweight title.  WBAN correspondent Rick McLean wrote that "It was a very technical first round as both fighters boxed on the outside. Finer was able to land the best combination in the round, a left hook right hand that snapped Sahin’s head back. Finer came out very aggressive in the second round and caught Sahin with a hard left hook that stunned her. Finer was able to continue the pressure throughout the round with hard combinations to the head and body that took its tool. Sahin however was able to catch her with a hard left hook of her own near the end of the round. Finer however was landing the much harder and better combinations to the head and body of Sahin. Finer went for the knockout in the third round and continued her vicious attack to Sahin’s body. The onslaught continued as Finer hurt Sahin with a hook to the jaw and forced her back to the ropes with body punches. All Sahin could do was cover up and hold on as it looked like she was going to the canvas however she was saved by the bell. In the second half of the fight it was evident that Finer was the harder puncher and much more aggressive fighter and it was starting to take its toll on Sahin. Finer’s body attack and combinations to Sahin’s head was relentless. To her credit Sahin tried her best to punch back and stay in the fight and would land the occasional hard right hand or left hook however she could not put together enough effective combinations to keep pace with Finer."  Finer improved to 23-7-3 (6 KO's).

On June 18, 2011 at Stade Joffre Lefebvre in Lingolsheim, Bas-Rhin, France Nadia Hokmi of Strasbourg, France won a clear 10-round unanimous decision over Hülya Şahin for the WIBF Junior Bantamweight title.  Hokmi progressed to 18-6-1 (8 KO's) while Şahin fell to 20-3 (2 KO's).

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Page last updated: Friday, 09 August 2013


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