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Jackie Nava
© Copyrighted photo provided by Team Nava


5'3" featherweight Jacqueline Nava Mouett, aka Jackie "Aztec Princess" Nava was born on April 11, 1980 in Tijuana, México. She is the eldest of four girls. She fights between 120 and 126 lbs as a boxer and has also had a career as a kickboxer.

Jackie's interest in sports began in elementary school where she participated in Olympic gymnastics and basketball.   She started in the American-Polynesian contact sport Limalama at age 12, under the supervision of Jorge Salazar, entering international tournaments and receiving a black belt in 1997.

She made her kickboxing debut against Luz Gonzalez on April 24, 1996 in the Auditorio Municipal in Tijuana. She became the IKKC Female North American Muay Thai Featherweight champion and notched wins over Trisha Hill, Angela Rivera, Sunshine Fettkether and Claudia Vidaurri.

On March 31, 2001 at the Jai Alai Sports Center in Tijuana, México, Jackie won a five-round unanimous decision over Sunshine Fettkether of Mesa, Arizona, who was making her professional kickboxing debut. Jackie says that this was her toughest fight because of Sunshine's strength and height (Fettkether outweighed her by 13 lbs). "I tried to move and keep out of her range", she says.

On May 29, 2001 in Honolulu, Hawaii Jackie won her pro boxing debut with a four-round unanimous decision over Vicky Cozy of Honolulu in a featherweight bout. Cozy fell to 1-1.

On September 14, 2001 in Tijuana Jackie TKO'd Elizabeth "Cubanita" Ruiz in the second round of a bantamweight bout. Ruiz fell to 0-3.

On April 1, 2002 in Tijuana Jackie knocked out debut fighter Leoncita Orantia in the second round.

Fighting Blanca Luna in Las Vegas (May 2003)

On June 1, 2002, Jackie won a split decision over Angela Rivera in a kickboxing bout.

On May 7, 2003  at The Cannery in Las Vegas, Nevada, 1,737 fans saw Blanca Luna (129½ lbs) win a close (38-38,39-37,39-37) four-round majority decision over Jackie (130 lbs). In a highly competitive match Nava showed good hand speed and movement while Luna landed the bigger blows while showing her ability to take a punch. Luna improved her record to 4-1-0 (0 KO).  

On November 21, 2003 at Club Ibiza in Whittier, California, Jackie (125½ lbs) won by a TKO over Miriam Rosario (128 lbs) of México City, México (fighting out of Los Angeles) when Rosario was unable to answer the bell for the second round.  They went right at each other from the opening bell, and stayed right in front of each other trading punches for almost the time opening round. Nava's speed allowed her to dominate but Rosario fought gamely before retiring from the bout with a shoulder injury.

On February 20, 2004 at Hilton Convention Center, Burbank, California, Jackie won by a first-round TKO over Christina Avitia of Tucson, Arizona who fell to 1-3-0 (0 KO).

On March 15, 2004  at Baby Rock Disco in Tijuana, Jackie KO'd Silvia "Dinamita" Zúñiga of Rio Colorado, México in the first round. Zúñiga fell to 1-1.

On April 2, 2004 at Gimnasio Municipal in Mexicali, México, Jackie (122 lbs) stopped Ofelia Dominguez (122 lbs), of México by a TKO at 0:49 in the first round of a scheduled 10-rounder, winning the vacant Mexican Women's Super Bantamweight title, Dominguez fell to 1-6-1 (0 KO). With Nava having stopped her last thee opponents in the first round, the fight was not expected to last long, and indeed it took the Tijuanan fighter less than a minute, as El Imparcial put it, 'to knock the stuffing out of' Domínguez. Concentrating her attack almost entirely on her opponent's body, Nava used her weight of punch to devastating effect and the resistance of the woman from Sinaloa quickly collapsed. With the fight barely 47 second old and Domínguez clearly hurting from a painful body shot, Nava switched the point of attack, sending her to the canvas with a swift combination to the face. Seeing the state of Domínguez, referee Jacinto Arámbula decided to dispense with the count and signaled the knockout immediately, it being obvious that she would be unable to continue."

Jacke in ChiapasOn April 24, 2004 at Palenque de Gallos in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Jackie (118 lbs) won a six-round unanimous decision over Jazmin "Rosita " Rivas (116¾ lbs) of Durango, México, who fell to 6-2.  Despite the loss, the teenaged Rivas won the respect of the fans for her bravery. Jackie showed her speed and power from the outset, connecting with shots to Rivas's head and body, but Rivas also landed hard shots that drew applause from the fans. Until the third round, Jackie had little trouble pressuring Rivas and staggered her several times with combinations to the head, but the younger fighter soaked up the steady punishment to last the full six rounds. In a translated article from box-latino.com, writer Leopoldo Gonzalez reported that "Jackie demonstrated the speed and power of her fists from the outset, connecting with shots to both the head and body of Yazmín, but it wasn’t all one-way traffic, as Rivas, too, managed to land a few impressive punches that drew applause from the spectators."  Gonzalez reported that it was the best fight on the card. The fight was also seen on SKY TV.

Nava was apparently hampered in this fight by a nerve problem in her right hand that continued to plague her for the summer.

On July 26, 2004 at Auditorio Municipal in Tijuana, Jackie (123½ lbs) fought to a ten-round draw (96-94,94-96,95-95) with Mexican Bantamweight Champion Ivonne Muñoz (125¾ lbs) of México City. They were supposed to have fought for Nava's Super Bantamweight national title but Munoz came in 2 kg over the weight limit of 55.5 kg and couldn't make the required weight despite spending time in a sauna in an attempt to do so.  

In a fight report translated by WBAN correspondent Ewan Whyte:  "After trying to slug it out with her heavier opponent in the first round and coming off second best, Jackie Nava took control of the fight in the second with her superior movement and hand speed, almost finishing it in the third when she doubled Muñoz up with a body shot and began unloading with both hands, but in the second half of the fight it was Muñoz who gained the ascendancy, as Nava, perhaps suffering a recurrence of the nerve problem that has plagued her all summer, stopped throwing her right hand. It was a stubborn performance by Muñoz, who though suffering a cut eyebrow in the sixth proved an effective counter-puncher with an awkward southpaw stance that has now frustrated the two most fancied fighters in México. For Rubén Casanova of Box Latino as well (naturally) as the crowd in her home town, Nava still did enough to win – he had her one point up going into the last round and winning it – but the judges were divided, one scoring the fight 96-94 for Muñoz, another 96-94 for Nava, and the third even at 95-95. Neither fighter protested the result though both expressed their eagerness for a rematch."

Munoz had tried to rile Nava before the fight, prompting Nava to tell reporters “There’s only one way to shut that mouth of hers, and that’s to drop her.”

On February 28, 2005 at the Hipódromo in Tijuana, Jackie (117¼ lbs) TKO'd Martha Leticia Arevalo (118 lbs) of Guadalajara, México at 0:59 in the eighth round of a scheduled ten-rounder to win the WBA Women's Bantamweight title. Arevalo fell to 1-6-0 (1 KO) with the loss.

On May 30, 2005 at the Grand Hotel in Tijuana, Jackie (118 lbs) won a clear (100-88,100-88,100-89) ten-round unanimous decision over  late replacement Leona Brown (118 lbs) of Pawling, New York to win the WBC Women's Bantamweight world title.  According to ringside reports translated for WBAN by Ewan Whyte, "Brown came out fast with a flurry of head shots in the opening round but Nava put her down with a straight left. Everyone but Nava appears to have thought: 'This won't last long," but Brown has never been stopped and even though the referee was eyeing her pretty closely towards the end -- the left side of her face was badly swollen -- she made it through to the final bell. The pace actually picked up from the sixth onwards, with Nava going all out for the stoppage and Brown trying to get back into the fight."  The ringside reports highlighted Nava's accuracy at midrange, hooks to the liver and straight rights and lefts to the face. Nava had her left fist (it was her right that she injured against the Jazmin Rivas) in ice after the fight.  The fight was watched by Julio César Chávez, Erik Morales, Antonio Margarito and Manuel Medina, among others.

Both fighters were full of praise for each other at the end. The local reporters felt that Nava was clearly superior, but Nava herself said: "When I knocked her down in the first round, I didn't become over confident. I couldn't stop her because she is very experienced -- still, it was exciting for the fans."  Nava, who improved her record to 10-1-1 (7 KOs) with the win, praised her opponent's courage and powers of resistance. Brown, the reigning WIBC Bantamweight and former IFBA Junior Featherweight world champion, called Jackie a "great champion". She also said that she wanted a rematch as she felt that with more time to prepare (she had taken the fight on about a week's notice) she could take Nava. Brown fell to 13-15-0 (5 KOs) with the loss.

On October 17, 2005 at Auditorio Municipal in Tijuana, México, Jackie (118 lbs) successfully defended her WBC World Super Bantamweight title against Susana Vázquez (118 lbs), of Toluca, México.  Nava won by a 10-round unanimous decision. According to Box Latino, Vásquez, a former Mexican Golden Gloves champion in her second  pro fight, proved a worthy opponent, keeping the pressure on Nava at all times, but by the sixth her face bore the traces of Nava's heavier punches, while both her nostrils were bleeding from the champion's jab.  Vázquez fell to 1-1 as pro boxer.

On January 28, 2006 at Plaza de Toros in Cancún, México, Jackie (117¼ lbs) successfully defended her WBC Super Bantamweight title against Kelsey Jeffries (119¾ lbs) of Gilroy, California with a ten-round unanimous (98-91,96-94,96-93) decision. Jeffries was dropped to one knee by a right hook to the left side of her head in the fourth. She was up before the referee could start counting and she tried to get the referee to rule it a slip, but to no avail. This was a "great, technical, exciting, beautiful fight" according to former world champion Laura Serrano Garcia who told WBAN: "Kelsey began very strong, dominating Nava and dictating the fight, Kelsey was the aggressor in the first three rounds. She was connecting (on) Nava with a busy and very effective left hand. In the fourth round, Jackie was attacking more and connected Kelsey with a very strong right hand, Kelsey went down and Nava gained confidence. By the sixth and seventh Nava was fighting with speed and working, throwing to the head and especially to the body effectively and Kelsey was BOXING, moving her legs with nice and fine movements around the ring. In the eighth round, Nava got cut in the right eyebrow and Kelsey was imposing her pace and experience. By the last round Kelsey was dominating and showing her skills, she was moving side to side and she was very busy. At the end of the fight Kelsey’s face was clean with some bruising. Jackie’s face appeared swollen, with black eyes, and the cut".

Kelsey told her local newspaper the Gilroy Dispatch about the knockdown: "That was a changing moment in the fight, she hit me at the perfect time."  Her manager Bruce Anderson added "The thing is, it was just traumatizing, it got her out of her focus."  Both had praise for Nava, Jeffries saying "The girl had a chin of stone" and Anderson conceding that "(Nava) was tough, tough girl. When (Nava) won a round, she won big. Those were dramatic rounds and they're indelible. It was a great fight. There were people there, fighters who said that the girls could show the men how to fight."  Kelsey Jeffries fell to 33-9-0 (2 KOs) with her first loss since June 2003.

On May 20, 2006 at Palenque del Hipódromo, in Tijuana, Jackie (118¾ lbs) lost the WBC Junior Featherweight title when she was knocked out at 1:47 in the eighth round by Alejandra Oliveras (5'1", 118¾ lbs) of Córdoba, Argentina.  Nava had been sent to the canvas twice in the second round, but made a heroic effort to get back into the fight in the sixth and seventh with jabs and hooks to the liver that had Oliveras going backwards for the first time. Her attempt at a comeback was squelched late in the eighth when Nava apparently got over-anxious and left herself open for the knockout blow.

WBAN correspondent Ewan Whyte wrote "Alejandra 'La Locomotora' Oliveras found the means last night – just when her own strength seemed to be failing and the champion (spurred on by chants of 'México! México!') seemed to be rallying in a last desperate attempt to recover lost ground – to wrest the WBC Super Bantamweight belt from the hands of Jackie 'The Aztec Princess' Nava: a devastating left hook that spun the champion through 180 degrees and sent her crashing to the canvas."

WIBA President Ryan Wissow reported that "Nava was down twice in the second round, but she seemed to regain control of the fight as the rounds went on against a tiring Olivares. Then in the eighth round as Nava was coming forward, Oliveras timed Nava with a perfect left hook as Nava was about to throw a right. Nava went down face first, and the ref stopped the fight without a count". The fight, which was the first ever women's match to headline a pay per view in México, was retransmitted by Fox Sports en Español to the whole of South America.  Oliveras improved to 7-0-1 (3 KOs) with the win while Nava fell to 13-2-1 (8 KOs).

"Tijuana se quedó sin su reina en el boxeo". (Tijuana has lost its boxing queen) lamented Daniel Antuna in Frontera Info after the loss.

On January 29, 2007 at Hipódromo in Tijuana, México, Jackie Nava (122¼ lbs) won by a fifth round KO (0:55 into the round) over winless Elizabeth Ruiz (5'2", 118 lbs) of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, México. According to a report from WBAN's Ewan Whyte "Giving away almost two kilos (at 53.5 kg to her opponent's 55.4), 'La Cubanita' turned out to be a muscular young woman with a shaved head and a fearsome scowl that belied her appalling record (0-10-0 going into this fight); but although Nava found her repeatedly in the course of the first two rounds with her left hand – now to the head, now to the body – she might as well have been fighting Oddjob for all the impact the blows seemed to have. In the third, though, the former WBC champion began dusting off her combinations, and in the fifth, her hooks; and to these the Sinaloan had no resistance. She'd already visited the canvas twice when Nava unleashed the nastiest of all – her trademark hook to the liver – fifteen seconds from the end of the round. The effect – on Ruiz, as on a number of her earlier opponents – was devastating; in fact, of Nava's fourteen wins, nine have come inside the distance, with a crippling hook to the liver the most frequently cited cause. Nava sometimes follows with a combination or a straight right to the jaw, but this was neither necessary nor possible in this case. "The hook alone was sufficient. It stopped her dead in her tracks," wrote Christian Espinosa in El Sol de Tijuana, "As soon as she felt it, the woman from Sinaloa fell, her face a mask of pain." And a mask of pain it remained, even after the referee, Juan José Ramírez, had completed the count. Ruiz fell to 0-11.

On March 3, 2007 at the Orfeo Superdome in Córdoba, central  Argentina, Alejandra Oliveras (121½ lbs) fought to a 10-round draw with Jackie (121½ lbs) in a rematch for the WBC Junior Featherweight title. According to WBAN correspondent Ewan Whyte, "Twenty minutes weren't enough to separate challenger Jackie Nava of México and WBC champion Alejandra Oliveras of Argentina and the judges couldn't either, so the local girl keeps the title. As was the case in their previous meeting when she fought for six rounds with a broken hand, Oliveras again displayed fantastic courage against an opponent with superior technique; this time the handicap was a swelling that left her unable for much of the fight to see out of her right eye and especially vulnerable therefore to left hooks."  Oliveras moved to 9-0-2 (3 KOs) with the win while Nava's record moved to 14-2-2 (9 KOs).

Jackie Nava vs. Donna Biggers, September 2007
© Copyrighted photograph by Mary Ann Owen

On September 16, 2007 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jackie (122 lbs) won a 10-round unanimous (100-90)  decision over Donna Biggers (122 lbs) of Boiling Springs, South Carolina, for the WBC Super Bantamweight title. According to photojournalist and WBAN contributor Mary Ann Owen, "Nava 's combinations were explosive and precise landing hard blows to Biggers's face and body. In the middle rounds Biggers's was rocked, at one point I thought the referee Robert Byrd was going to stop the fight, Biggers (left) eye was black and the right side of her head was very swollen. The middle and later rounds Biggers was in a survival mode, with Nava continuing to hammer Biggers,  landing body and head shots. Biggers has a lot of heart and hung in the ten rounds, she definitely came to fight."  Biggers fell to 19-7-1 (15 KO's). Go here for more of Mary Ann Owen's photos of this fight.

On November 24, 2007 in Veracruz, México, Jackie (120 lbs) won a ten-round unanimous decision over Lina Ramírez (5'4", 123 lbs) of Guasave (Sinaloa) in a non-title bout. According to David Kaufman of Box Noticias, Nava delivered a tremendous performance, dominating her opponent and connecting with powerful shots throughout the fight. It was only due to Ramírez's great fortitude, in the view of the same writer, that she didn't go down. Ramirez fell to 6-11-1 (2 KOs)

On September 15, 2008 at Arena México in México City, Jackie (122 lbs) stopped Bettina Garino (119¼ lbs) of Argentina at 33 seconds of the eighth round in a scheduled 10 round eliminator for the vacant WBA Junior Featherweight title. According to Spanish-language reports translated by WBAN correspondent Ewan Whyte, “In the first and second rounds, the Argentinian challenger came out very aggressively and succeeded in landing a number of powerful shots that appeared to hurt the Mexican woman. Garino increased her pressure in the third, again connecting with hard combinations. Nava tried to control the action with the jab but was forced to retreat by the aggression of the Argentinian. In the fourth round, the Mexican champion entered the fight, connecting with neat combinations and punishing the Argentinian in a neutral corner. For the first time, it was the Argentinian that was backing away and on the defensive. At the end of the fourth, the scores were announced: 38-38, 38-38 and 39-37 (Nava). The Argentinian came out to box in the fifth but was fading before the superior speed and technique of Nava. During the sixth and seventh rounds, both fighters abandoned boxing and went for each other hammer and tongs, making these the most even rounds of the contest as each of them were landing clear shots to the head and the body. In the eighth, Garino again came out very aggressively, but this time Nava took advantage by countering with hard power-shots. Suddenly, the Mexican woman connected with a strong combination that backed the Argentinian into the ropes, and that very instant the Mexican referee, Guadalupe García, intervened – abruptly – stopping the fight 1:33 seconds into the round.”   Garino fell to 10-4-1 (2 KO's) with the loss. [Video]

On November 2, 2008 at La Feria de San Marcos in Aguascalientes, México, Jackie (122 lbs) won a clear (100-90,99-91,99-91) ten round unanimous decision over Maria Potenza (121 lbs) of Santa Fe, Argentina for the WBC Interim Junior Featherweight title. According to Spanish-language reports translated by WBAN correspondent Ewan Whyte: "The wire service Notimex may be exaggerating a little when it says Nava ‘pulverized’ her – there was no knockout after all – but Esto estimates that for every punch Potenza landed she took four in return. “The Mexican slammed into her like a cyclone” says Fox Sports Español. Nava´s insistent, lacerating jab did much of the damage, opening the Argentinian up for the straight rights and hooks that followed. Potenza’s face, which was a mess by the end, took the main brunt of the assault, but whenever an opening presented itself beneath her high guard, Nava used it to weaken her with the thudding body shots that have long been her trademark. Fleet, mercurial, elusive, Nava bobbed and weaved, hitting and moving, moving and hitting tirelessly, as the challenger’s counters (upon which her whole strategy appeared to be based) passed harmlessly over her shoulders or fell well short. Spurred on by her friend Antonio Margarito, who again carried her round the ring on his shoulders at the end of the fight, ‘The Aztec Princess’ turned in a magisterial performance. All that was lacking was the coup de grace… which nearly came, but from an unexpected quarter. In the tenth, Potenza came out like a wounded animal, desperate, enraged, and landed (finally!) her big punch; and here – unlike the time she last fought for a title (against Claudia López) – she managed to follow up with two or three more good blows; but as she tried then to press home the advantage and score the knockout she needed, she gassed. The intermittent body shots with which Nava had been sapping her stamina throughout the fight proved decisive. The champion recovered and resumed control."  Potenza fell to 4-8-1 (0 KO's) while Nava improved to 18-2-2 (10 KO's).

Acuna vs Nava in April 2009
© Copyrighted photo by John Harris

On April 30, 2009 at Estadio Luna Park in Buenos Aires, In the main event, Marcela Acuña of Argentina won a 10-round unanimous (98-92,98-91,99-90) decision over Jackie Nava defending the WBC Junior Featherweight title.  According to FightNews.com reporter Lee Bates, "Nava was very game and pressured Acuña most of the fight but Acuna’s defense was very tight and she countered with head snapping punches throughout the bout. Acuña dropped Nava with a double jab in the final seconds of the bout to put an exclamation point on her victory. Acuña improved to 32-5 (16 KO's) with the win.

On October 17, 2009 at El Foro in Tijuana, Mexico, Jackie Nava (126 lbs) won an eight-round unanimous (80-72,78-74,78-74) decision over Lina Ramirez (127 lbs) of Guasave, Mexico. Ramirez fell to 8-13-1 (2 KO's) known to WBAN - some sources give her record as 10-13-1 (4 KO's).

On January 30, 2010 at Restaurante Arroyo in Mexico City, Jackie (122 lbs) overcame a pulled muscle in her right leg to win a ten-round unanimous (98-90, 98-90, 97-91)  decision over Shantal Martinez (122 lbs) of Panama for the interim WBC Junior Featherweight title.  Martinez, who is also known as Chanttall Liseth Martinez Rodriguez, sent the always-aggressive Nava to the canvas with a right to the head in the sixth round but took a beating to the head and body for much of the fight as she fell to 8-4-0 (1 KO).

On August 21, 2010 at Auditorio Municipal in Tijuana, Jackie Nava (120 lbs) TKO'd Maria Andrea Miranda (120 lbs) of Monitos, Colombia in the fourth round of a scheduled ten-rounder for the interim WBC Junior Featherweight title.  Miranda fell to 13-5-0 (8 KO's) with the loss.

On November 6, 2010 at Poliforum Zamna in Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico, Jackie Nava (122 lbs) won a clear ten-round unanimous (100-90,99-91,99-90) decision over "Bolivian Queen" Jennifer Salinas (121¾ lbs) of Manassas, Virginia, USA for the interim WBC Junior featherweight title.  Salinas fell to 11-3-0 (4 KO's) with the loss.

On January 29, 2011 at the Estadio Banorte in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, Jackie Nava (120½ lbs) won a 10-round unanimous (100-90,99-91,99-91) decision over Fredee Gonzalez (118¾ lbs) from Los Angeles, CA, USA for the interim WBC super bantamweight title.  The Mexican-born Gonzalez fell to 6-7-1 (2 KO's) with the loss.

Jackie Nava vs Ana Maria TorresOn April 16, 2011 at the World Trade Center in Boca del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico, WBC Junior bantamweight champion Ana Maria Torres (120 lbs) of Mexico City and Jackie Nava (120 lbs) battled to a hard-fought ten round (95-95 x 3) draw. Torres was more aggressive and outworked Nava early in this much-anticipated "superfight", scoring with hard left hooks to the body and rights to Nava's head that began to raise a welt under Nava's left eye. Nava's conditioning allowed her to withstand the body attack and her quickness and movement even improved throughout the fight as she rebounded to keep it close overall.  Torres absorbed more clean shots from Nava in the later rounds and ended the fight with a bloody nose. Nava's record moved to 24-3-3 (11 KO's) while Torres progressed to 24-3-3 (14 KO's). [Video]

Ana Maria Torres vs Jackie Nava
Ana Maria Torres vs Jackie Nava in July 2011
© copyrighted photo taken by Jose Rodriguez/WBC

On July 30, 2011 at the Metropolitan Arena in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico, Ana Maria Torres (118 lbs) won an exceptionally  hard-fought ten-round unanimous (96-94 x 3) decision in a rematch with Jackie Nava for the first women's Diamond Belt of the WBC. Both came out swinging to cheers from their fans and but Nava was more effective in the early going, landing with good combinations and damaging the nose of Torres. Torres began to exert her power midway through the fight and won a furious finish to take the decision in the last two rounds. Ana Maria Torres improved her record to 26-3-3 (15 KO's) while Nava fell to 24-4-3 (11 KO's).

On October 8, 2011 at the Auditorio Municipal in Tijuana, Jackie Nava (122½ lbs) won a clear ten-round unanimous (100-90, 100-90,99-91) decision over Soledad Matthysse (122 lbs) of Trelew, Argentina.  Nava's heavy rights bloodied Matthyse's nose and her steady attack to the body took away some of Matthysse's speed. Nava was held back by a hand injury after the fifth round and said that was why she had been unabe to end the fight inside the distance.  Matthysse fell to 9-3-1 (1 KO). 

Shantal Martinez vs Jackie NavaOn January 28, 2012 at the Auditorio Municipal in Tijuana, Jackie Nava won an emphatic ten-round unanimous (100-89,100-89,99-90) decision over  Shantal Martinez of Panama for the WBA Junior Featherweight title.  After a feeling-out first round, Nava went to work with hooks and combinations that quickly slowed Martinez down. Martinez was knocked down in the fifth round and barely beat the count, but held on to finish the fight.  Martinez said after the fight that she had injured her right hand in the fourth round, but that Nava was a "great fighter" and "the best tonight". Martinez fell to 15-5-0 (6 KO's).while Nava improved to 26-4-3 (11 KO's).

Jackie Nava was awarded WBAN's Fighter of the Month for February 2012 for her WBA title win over previously #1 ranked Shantal Martinez.

On August 18, 2012 at La Cetto Vineyard, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico, Jackie Nava (122 lbs) won by a TKO at 1:42 in the third round over Lisa Brown (122 lbs) of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada for the WBA Junior Featherweight title.  Nava improved to 28-4-3 (12 KO's) while Brown slipped to 19-5-3 (6 KO's).

Jackie Nava will return to the ring on May 24 2014  to fight Alys Sanchez for the interim WBA Junior Featherweight title in Chiapas, Mexico.

Nava's most dangerous weapon, in her own view, is her right hand: most of her victims have succumbed, she tells us, to "a straight right to the chin or hooks to the liver."

Nava has a degree in architecture from the Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana and works for an office of architects specializing in urban design. Her late father, Rodolfo, did not live long enough to see her boxing, but he introduced her to karate at age 13 and always supported her career as a kickboxer. Jackie dedicates all her fights to his memory. She is always supported by her mother, Jacqueline Mouett, her sisters Michaelle, Melissa and Stephanie, as well as by triple world champion Erik "Terrible" Morales who also comes from Tijuana.

She is managed by Eric E. Delfierro, who can be reached at phone (619)-990-2551, FAX (619)-434-5771 or email to fighters_only@yahoo.com.

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