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© Copyrighted photo taken by Jolly Dee


5'6" flyweight Viktória Miló was born on March 7, 1978 in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. She lives there and is managed and trained by Lajos Nagy.

Viktória competed in the bantamweight (54 kg) division of the Feenix Box Cup in Turku, Finland in May 2000, taking a bronze medal after losing to Lea Houtsonen of Finland by a 9-3 score.

In September 16, 2000 at Haus der Begegnung Liesing, Vienna, Austria she lost to a six-round decision to Krisztina Krek of Austria, who progressed to 7-3-0.

On October 28, 2000 in Lugner City, Vienna, Austria a standing-room-only crowd of 1700 saw Viktória TKO'd in the third round by Esther Schouten of Holland, who improved her pro record to 3-2-0 (1 KO).

These pro bouts do not seem to have prevented her from competing in the first European amateur championships in St. Amand les Eaux, France in April 2001, where she took a bronze medal in the 51 kg (112 lb) division,  stopping Amelie Sottiez of France in the second round of her preliminary, Laura Gherogita of Romania in the third round of the quarterfinal match, but then losing by RSCO-2 to eventual silver medalist Dagmar Koch of Germany in the semifinal.

© Copyrighted photo taken by Jolly Dee

Viktória returned to professional competition at the Imperial Gym in Budapest, Hungary in February 8, 2002 with a four-round unanimous decision over Mariana Pampuk of Hungary who fell to 0-14-1.

On March 24, 2002 in Sajószentpéter, Hungary: she won by a second-round KO over Lenka Flakova of Slovakia who fells to 0-4 with the loss.

On June 2, 2002 in Miskolc, Hungary she won a four-round decision over Florina Platon of Cluj, Romania. Platon fell to 0-3.

On September 13, 2002 at Polus Center in Budapest, Hungary, she won a four-round unanimous decision over Mariana Pampuk of Hungary. who fell to 0-17-1.

On November 29, 2002 in Grosseto, Italy Maria Rosa Tabusso (112˝ lbs) of Italy won a ten round decision over Viktória (112 lbs) for the vacant European Super flyweight title. Tabusso improved her record to 6-2-1 (2 KO).

On March 16, 2003 in Miskolc, Hungary, Viktória (112 lbs) won a four-round decision over Gabriella Insperger (110½ lbs) of Salonta, Romania, who was making her debut.

after win over VeseckaOn May 10, 2003 at City Sports Hall in Miskolc, Hungary, Viktória (111 lbs) won a ten-round unanimous (99-92,98-94,98-92) decision over Renata Vesecka (111˝ lbs) of the Czech Republic for the vacant WIBF-GBU Flyweight Title (see picture at right). Vesecka fell to 2-4-0 (2 KO).

On September 26, 2003 at Köfém Sportshall in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, Viktória (110ľ lbs) won a six-round decision over unranked Gabriella Insperger (110Ľ lbs) of Salonta, Romania. Insperger fell to 0-2 (0 KO), (both losses to Milo). PHOTOS FROM FELIX

On October 25, 2003 at Sport Center in Szolnok, Hungary, Viktória (111 lbs) TKO'd then #22 ranked junior flyweight Maja Frenzel (5'5½", 112ľ lbs) of Karlsruhe, Germany in the tenth round to retain the GBU Flyweight title. Milo controlled the bout and appeared to surprise Frenzel with precise hard punches. Frenzel was rocked in the fourth round and never threatened after that, apparently concentrating on survival rather than trying to take the fight to Milo. Milo dominated the second half of the fight and had Frenzel looking stunned when the bout was stopped. Frenzel fell to 4-2-0 (0 KO) with this loss.

Miló vs. Svetla Taskova for the GBU title

© Copyrighted photo taken by Jolly Dee

On April 17, 2004 at the Fönix Sport Center in Debrecen, Hungary Viktória (111 lbs) won a 10-round unanimous (96-94,96-94,98-94) decision over Svetla Taskova (105Ľ lbs) for the GBU Flyweight Title.

Miló vs. Jachmanova
© Copyrighted photo taken by Jolly Dee

On September 4, 2004 at City Boxing Centre, Nyíregyháza, Hungary, Viktória (113 lbs) won a six-round decision over  Petra Jachmanova (120Ľ lbs) of Slovakia who fell to 1-8-1.  According to WBAN correspondent JollyDee, "Milo dominated her opponent every round, and stunned Jachmanova in the fourth round."  (For fight photos by JollyDee, see Photo Gallery #202 on the WBAN Member Site).

Bettina Csábi vs. Viktoria Miló in Nagykálló
© Copyrighted photo taken by Jolly Dee

On September 25, 2004 at Sporthall  in Nagykálló, Hungary, Viktória (112 lbs) lost a ten-round majority (97-94,97-93,95-95) decision to Bettina Csábi of Hungary for the vacant WIBF-GBU Super Flyweight title. According to WBAN correspondent JollyDee, "The bout was qualitative and balanced as well. Bettina's jabs were dominating the match, but the Milo was better in the near and her body shots were very dangerous. At the beginning of the match Csabi was the dominant however in the middle of the fight Milo succeeded in taking charge. When the fight ended, both boxers believed to be the winner. In my opinion at ringside 96-94 of Csábi was the most objective. With her victory Csábi has proved that she is in the elite, and Regina Halmich's official challenger."  (For weigh-in and fight photos by JollyDee, see Photo Galleries #206 and #209 on the WBAN Member Site).

On December 11, 2004 at City Boxing Center in Nyíregyháza, Hungary Viktória (108Ľ lbs) TKO'd Mónika Döme (107 lns) in the second round of a scheduled six-rounder.

On December 18, 2004 at University Sport Hall in Győr, Hungary, Viktória (110 lbs) won a four-round 40-36 decision over Gabriella Insperger (109 lbs), who fell to 4-5.

On March 19, 2005 at Sport Hall in Tapolca, Hungary, Viktória (110Ľ lbs) won a controversial ten-round split (Vilhelm Vogel 97-94, Imre Nagy 96-94, Matteo Fratini 94-96) decision over Stefania Bianchini (110ľ lbs) of Milan, Italy for the GBU Flyweight Title.  According to news sources the split decision "raised more than one eyebrow". Bianchini slipped to 13-2-0 as a pro boxer with this loss. Viktória used her jab and short, 2-3 punch combinations to keep a distance between herself and the aggressive Italian. In the first half of the bout, Milo kept control, but as the fight progressed, she was less and less successful avoiding Bianchini’s attempts to get inside, who tied the defending champion onto the ropes. The thoroughly close and even battle has split the judges partly along national lines: Matteo Frantini gave it to fellow Italian Bianchini 96-94, while the Austrian Wilhelm Vogl and the Hungarian Miklos Dory saw it 97-94 and 96-94 in favor of Miló.

vs. Beatrix Farago in September 2005
© Copyrighted photo taken by Jolly Dee

On September 10, 2005 at the Fönix Sport Center, in Debrecen, Hungary, Viktória (111˝ lbs) won a four-round unanimous decision over former Hungarian amateur champion Beatrix Farago (111˝ lbs).  According to WBAN's correspondent JollyDee, "The bout was not exciting, due to Farago trying to compensate her less professional experience with stepping backwards throughout the bout. This may have been too much for Farago to take on Milo this soon in her boxing career."  Milo improved to 14-4 (3 KOs) while Farago took her first pro loss and slipped to 3-1 (2 KOs).  (For more fight photos by JollyDee, see Photo Gallery #287 on the WBAN Member Site).

On October 29, 2005 at the Dr. László Papp Sportarena in Szentes, Hungary, Anastasia Toktaulova (106Ľ lbs) of Russia (fighting out of California) returned to the ring after a two-year absence and defeated Viktória (107Ľ lbs) by a 96-95,98-92,100-90 unanimous decision in a 10-round bout for the vacant WIBF Junior Flyweight title. Anastassia improved her record to 11-8-0 (1 KO) with the win while Viktória fell to 14-5 (3 KO's).

Milo (left) stopped Puchkova with a body shot

© Copyrighted photo taken by Jolly Dee

On February 18, 2006 at the City Sport and Leisure Centre in Tapolca, Hungary, Viktória KO'd Tatiana Puchkova (aka: Riabokobylenko) of Minsk, Belarus with a picture perfect body shot in first round. (For more fight photos by JollyDee, see Photo Gallery #338 on the WBAN Member Site)Puchkova fell to 5-2-0 (3 KOs) with the loss.

vs. Regina Halmich in May 2006

On May 6, 2006 at Burg-Wächter-Castello in Dusseldorf, Germany Regina Halmich (111Ľ lbs) of Karlsruhe, Germany scored her 50'th professional win with a ten-round unanimous decision over Viktória (110ľ lbs) defending her WIBF Flyweight title. The judges' scorecards (98-92,99-92,97-93) possibly did not do justice to a comeback by Milo in the later rounds after a slow start, according to WBAN correspondent Ewan Whyte, who wrote "With a little more punching power, Viktória Milo could do someone a real mischief. This evening, it took her far too long to work out Regina Halmich's complex and varied style, but once she did, she looked as good as, if not better than, her far more experienced opponent. Showing tremendous courage, after taking something of a pasting in the first half of the fight (including a jarring overhand right in the fourth), the willowy, almost elfin, Hungarian came back strongly in the sixth and seventh, making quite a mess of Halmich's face in the process. By the eighth, Milo had learned (at last!) how to use her superior reach to keep Halmich at bay and begun landing combinations of her own that left the German bleeding – at once stage quite freely – from a cut to the corner of her left eye and with a swelling under the right; but Halmich hung tough and managed to do enough in the later stages to hold on to her crown and chalk up her fiftieth career victory by the wide but – given that the Hungarian was getting stronger, and she herself fading, in the latter stages – misleading margin of 98–92, 99–92, 97–93."  Halmich improved to 50-1-1 (15 KOs).

On September 9, 2006 at the Dr. László Papp Sportarena in Szentes, Hungary, Viktória (111Ľ lbs) won by a TKO at 1:23 in the first round over Lucie Hornakova (113Ľ lbs) of Košice, Slovakia, who fell to 0-6-1 (her previous bout was a first round TKO loss to Italian debuter Alessandra Rustici).

On January 20, 2007 at City Sporthall in Pápa, Hungary, Viktória won a six-round (59-55) decision over Gabriella Rozsa of Hungary. (For more fight photos by JollyDee, see Photo Gallery #404 on the WBAN Member Site).   Milo improved to 17-6 (5 KO's) while Rozsa fell to 2-4 with the loss.

On May 4, 2007 at Arena Savaria in Szombathely, Hungary, Viktória (110˝ lbs) won a very close ten-round split (95-94,97-93,93-96) decision over Shanee Martin (112 lbs) of Colchester, England defending her GBU Flyweight Title. Milo was knocked down in the first round, and Martin had a nose bleed from the third round. Milo improved to 18-5 (6 KO's) while Martin fell to 7-3 (4 KO's).

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