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5'6" southpaw Yvonne Trevino from Peoria, Arizona was born on January 18, 1967. She was a well-regarded pro kickboxer (fighting under the nickname "The Terminator") before embarking on a career as a pro boxer in 1993.

She made her boxing debut on Sept. 18, 1993 in Davenport, Iowa at 127 lbs as a last-minute replacement, and broke the nose of Chris Kreuz (128 lbs) on the way to a four-round decision.

On April 8, 1994 in Laughlin, Nevada, Yvonne lost a four-round unanimous decision to Bridgett Riley (119 lbs) of Sherman Oaks, California, who was making her debut as a pro boxer.

On March 13, 1995, at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Cruz, California, she lost an ISKA Women's World Light Atomweight Freestyle Kickboxing title fight to Kim Messer.  Kim dropped Yvonne with a head kick in the fifth and dominated the later going before the fight was stopped in the ninth.

Yvonne made her mark by winning the WIBF (then Super) Flyweight 109-lb title title in an April 20 1995 brawl at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas with unbeaten teenaged German star Regina Halmich.  Yvonne was decked early in this bout but came back to overpower the young German, cutting her badly under her left eye to earn a TKO in the fourth round. Halmich fell to 8-1-0 with the loss.

On November 25, 1995, Yvonne knocked out Ann "Killer" Quinlan of the UK in the second round of a kickboxing bout. 

On June 1, 1996 at Boulder Station Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, Yvonne fought Delia Gonzalez of Chamberino, New Mexico to a four-round technical draw.  Gonzalez moved to 7-1-2.

dominated Brenda Rouse in her WIBF title defense

Yvonne (112 lbs) defended her title against undefeated Brenda Rouse (110 lbs) on April 19 1997 at the Las Vegas Hilton in a match that was the first women's boxing bout to be seen live on U.S. network TV. ABC's goal was to showcase a women's event on their Wide World of Sports alongside a one-hour feature documentary on women's boxing that was shown in their Passion to Play women's sports series the next day. Brenda Rouse had previously been seen on TV in a competitive 4-rounder against Eva Jones-Young on Cable USA's Tuesday Night Fights. But she was no match for the aggressive Trevino in this fight, which was stopped with seconds left in the first round. Rouse fell to 6-1-1 with the loss.

On April 29, 1997 at Club Rio in Tempe, Arizona, Yvonne (117 lbs) won by a TKO at 1:24 of the first round over Akiya Griggs (118 lbs), who was making her pro debut, and hasn't fought since.

On May 17 1997, Yvonne fought on the first IFBA all-women's card at the Reseda Country Club in Indio, California.  Her fight was again supposed to be a showcase event, pitting her against promising newcomer Jolene Blackshear from Santa Rosa, California. Trevino was clearly surprised by the aggressive Blackshear, and was knocked down twice early in the first round. Both knockdowns were ruled slips, but nobody who watched agrees with this!  Later in the round, Blackshear was deeply cut under her right eye by what appeared to be an elbow strike from Trevino. The fight was stopped in Yvonne's favor to a storm of protests from Yvonne, from both corners, and many in the crowd!  

On August 2 1997, Yvonne earned the IFBA Bantamweight title with a 10-round unanimous decision over Suzanne Riccio-Major at the Grand Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Yvonne was undefeated as a flyweight in the WIBF after winning the federation's world title, but she was stripped of this title when she fought in the IFBA.  This deplorable decision ... world titles should not be lost through politics ... was later reversed by the WIBF, but Trevino would not fight for their belt again. 

On February 15, 1998 at the Grand Theatre in Biloxi, Mississippi, Yvonne (112 lbs)  lost the IFBA bantamweight title by a 10-round unanimous decision in a rematch with Bridgett Riley (118 lbs). Yvonne seemed intent on fighting Bridgett at close range where Riley's hooks were an effective counter to her southpaw style. Riley wore her down in a fast paced fight whose outcome was in little doubt as Yvonne tired in the later rounds. Riley improved her pro boxing record to 5-2-0 with the win.

On August 8, 1998 at the Spirit Lake Casino and Resort in North Dakota, Yvonne (112 lbs) lost a hard-fought 10-round split decision (97-94, 98-92, 93-96) to Para Draine (110 lbs) of Spokane, Washington in a challenge for the IWBF Flyweight title. Draine's record was now 7-1 with 5 KO's.

On November 17, 1998 at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas, Yvonne (114 lbs) lost a convincing six-round unanimous (60-54, 59-55, 59-55) decision to Kathy Williams (112 lbs) of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. A crowd of 1836 saw the former IFBA Bantamweight champion knocked down in the third and fifth rounds by the experienced Canadian policewoman, who had a 25-6 record as an amateur and improved her pro record to 3-0 with the win.

Yvonne battles Delia Gonzalez in Las Vegas
Copyrighted photo taken by Mary Ann Owen

On April 16, 1999 at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, Yvonne (112 lbs) broke her three-fight losing streak and moved her pro record to 8-4-1 with a hard-fought six-round unanimous decision over Delia Gonzalez (111 lbs) of Chamberino, New Mexico, who fell to 10-4-2. Gonzalez's nose was badly bloodied early in the fight but she put up stiff resistance and kept up a fast pace the whole way even though there was blood streaming down her face (and all over Yvonne ... see Mary Ann Owen's post-fight photo of Yvonne below.)

On May 28, 1999 at the Orleans in Las Vegas, Nevada, Yvonne (weighing in at 113 lbs) moved her pro record to 9-4-1 with a controversial TKO of Suzanne Riccio-Major (5'2", 115 lbs) of Pittsfield, Massachusetts at 1:34 of the fifth round. Unlike their first meeting on August 2, 1997, which had been a fairly tame tactical match, this bout had see-saw knockdown action. Yvonne scored a knockdown in the first round, but Riccio-Major returned the favor with a solid right hand in the second. Trevino landed a flurry of punches with Riccio-Major against the ropes when the bout was stopped, but apparently nobody but referee Mitch Halpern thought that the Massachusetts fighter was in trouble at this point! The crowd booed the decision loudly, and Trevino grabbed the microphone from ring announcer Jake Gutierrez to tell them that she didn't want the fight to be stopped. Yvonne demanded a rematch, which promoter Tony Trudnich said he would grant. Riccio-Major fell to 6-6-1 with the loss.

On May 6, 2001 at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, Yvonne returned to pro boxing competition as a featherweight to face WIBF Americas Featherweight champion Kelsey Jeffries. Jeffries moved to 11-3 (1 KO) with a four-round unanimous decision over Yvonne, who was knocked down twice in the first two rounds but kept trying to turn the tide of the fight. Trevino fell to 9-5-1 (6 KO's) with the loss. Her team tell me that she did not get warmed up until the end of the third round in her first 4-rounder in several years. 

Yvonne after her 1999 fight with Delia Gonzalez
Copyrighted photo taken by Mary Ann Owen

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