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Video Clip - Gosa1

Video Clip - Gosa2

Video Clip - Gosa3

Gosa....not much like a boxer… .
Photos and Story by Sue TL Fox
June 17, 2003

Meet Emily Gosa. Gosa is a 24-year old, mother of two, employed in a pawn shop and from Sulligent, Alabama. Gosa fought "America's Bad Girl" Tonya Harding on the Chinook Winds Casino card, “Commotion at the Ocean” on June 13, 2003. Harding won by a unanimous decision. Gosa lost her first fight---but walked away with $800.

Gosa was not per se.....a boxer. Even as she entered the ring that night, she came into the ring atypical and not like a boxer who was warming up for her first fight. But what Gosa DID come in with was “Spark”, an enthusiasm, that warmed the hearts immediately of the Oregonians who came to see this fight. I could not help but wonder at the time, IF Gosa had been trained properly with some time and experience under her belt, in the correct weight class, of how well she would do this night...

But this night----it was NOT a fight or a boxer with any skill. The fight itself, could maybe be classified as a barroom brawl----Windmill punches, turning away, dropping hands, flat feet, out-of-gas, lack of conditioning. BUT...Even though Gosa had little skills to combat her heavier and more experience opponent. What Gosa DID have was a heart of a lion---Gosa literally fought with every primal skill that anyone would or could possess to keep on their feet----and to counter with what little arsenal of tools she possessed, to keep from getting stopped or knocked out.

Shortly after the fight, I asked Gosa as she stood in the red corner, how long she had been boxing. Gosa said, "Tonight." I then asked her, how long she had been training. Gosa said, "Four weeks."

WBAN has attached various reports about the action of this fight from other major media sources who covered the event.

Links to other major news
coverage of the Harding – Gosa bout:

Harding hears a boo
DAN ITEL -Statesman Journal

LINCOLN CITY — We can’t help but watch. It’s the instinct that makes turning heads at car wrecks inevitable — or making a spectacle of others’ misfortune.  Link to Story 

One excuse for a fight ruins
a nice trip to the coast - Oregonian News
LINCOLN CITY Friday the 13th and I am lost in a grotesque dream. This ain't fight night; call it fright night instead. I thought I would be at Safeco Field this weekend to see Atlanta and Seattle, the two best teams in baseball. Instead, I am languishing amid slot machines, craps tables and the broken dreams of Portland's most notorious woman. Link to Story 

Tonya Harding wins fight, not fans
Morgan Ryan-sports reporter for the News-Register.

LINCOLN CITY - Tonya Harding is a long way from her triple axle days. Last night in Chinook Winds Casino, the 32-year-old former world class figure skater fought her fourth career boxing match against a little known (well, better say unknown) boxer out of Sulligent, Ala. - the Alabama Slamma. Copyrighted on NewsRegister.com McMinnville - Oregon 
Link to Story 

Exhibition boxing at its finest?
By CHAD RICHINS -The News Guard

Even though last Friday’s Commotion at the Ocean IV was more of an exhibition card than a pure boxing event, the entertainment value was hard to count out. While it was not exactly family entertainment, the event had plenty of attractions. Many of those present were drawn by the unrivaled novelty of seeing former figure skater and all around bad girl Tonya Harding mix it up in the ring with neophyte and Alabama mother-of-two Emily Gosa. Gosa, who looked to be outweighed by at least thirty pounds, danced into the ring in pigtails, smiling and mugging cutely for the cameras. Link to Story

McConnell's view: Tonya hasn't paid her dues
I have mixed feelings about the whole Tonya Harding thing. Seeing someone as pathetic as Harding fight makes people appreciate the likes of Christy Martin and Lucia Rijker (and many more), who are truly skilled, talented and dedicated athletes. But I am always drawn back to how my other half -- the fighter half -- feels about it. Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City is rumored to be paying Tonya $10,000 to fight there Friday night. How on Earth has she earned the right to make that much money for four rounds of crap? Link To Story

Friday the 13th
By Katherine Dunn
June 16, 2003

I’ve decided to blame Bob Arum for the Friday the 13th horror show at the Chinook Winds Casino. In letting the casino and the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz off the hook, I’m giving them credit for their first fight card, back on December 4 of 1999, when they hosted the excellent HBO broadcast of Fernando Vargas vs Winky Wright and Diego Corrales vs John Brown. That
was promoted by Ringside Ticket, Inc run by Patrick Ortiz.  Link To Story



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