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WBAN’s Top Ten TIPS for Women Boxers!
By Sue TL Fox
August 26, 2003

#1 TIP


Get Photographs taken!  WBAN sees much too often women boxers fighting, and fail to even get photographs of the fights they are in!  To WBAN’s amazement, this is even true in the higher-profile fights!  Women boxers need to take the “bull by the horns” and make sure that they document their career, and then get the photos out there. Either on a website that is their official site, or boxing sites on the net.  When you see all those boxing folks that hover by and over the ringside apron with cameras, grab their business card, talk with them, and get a copy of your photos! Or find a relative, a friend, or your own photographer, if getting your own photographer can be afforded, and get those very valuable photos of your boxing career.


#2 TIP


Videos:   Tape some of your workouts, tape your fights,
if it is allowable with the promoter or venue to do so. Again, you can use those videos to make interesting video streaming on your own website or other boxing websites that allow the video footage.  This can be invaluable when promoter and matchmakers are looking for information on you.  It showcases your talent and abilities! 


#3 TIP


Promote yourself.  Do not rely only on your manager or promoter.  Find out which boxing events are going on in your area, and attend Press conferences, weigh-ins, and the event itself.  AND when you are at the event, talk with the promoters and boxing folks.  Make your presence known.  It takes perseverance and hard work to continue to get your name out there.


#4 TIP


Develop a solid Press Package (PR Kit):  Include in your promotional kit,  a CD with some clips of your fights, photos. Have xerox copies of news articles, posters, etc. With a solid biography, your current record, how to contact you or your manager/promoter, and any other interesting tidbits about your fighting background.


#5 TIP


Be Available for Interviews:   The media is not going to chase you around trying to get an interview.  Make yourself available, and when an interview is offered----Follow-up on it.  When you do participate in an Interview---TALK!   Nothing is more boring to boxing fans than to read an interview with basic   “Yes” and “No” answers.  This is YOUR time to talk about what you are doing--- give details and talk about anything of interest that you are doing in the sport or outside of the sport.


#6 TIP


Fight in your own weight class: Fighting out of weight class can get you hurt! It is unwise to move up and out of the natural weight that you fight at your peak.   It is one thing giving up a few pounds and even that should be avoided if possible.  BUT, there are boxers jumping 3-4 weight classes, and it inevitably becomes a boxer vs. boxer plus weight.  


#7 TIP


Be Smart!  Beware of ANYONE who tries to talk you up about how great you are, especially when you have not been in the sport very long or have not had exposure in the amateurs, etc.….Take your time in the sport. Learn your skills, and have a large arsenal of tools when getting into competing----whether you are fighting in the amateurs or the pros. 


#8 TIP


Boxing Attire:  Again many of the women boxers do not make enough income to afford the costly robes, custom-made boxing trunks and tops….so in that situation, you will need to pull in your resources.  Get relatives, friends,  to give any ideas or use their talents to help get your attire up to par.  When you actually fight, this is YOUR time to shine, so do it!


#9 TIP


Get an Official Boxing Website on the Net! There are many websites on the net that include Yahoo, AOL, that offer their customers free websites. Take advantage of these free services. Have a way to contact you, or your manager on the site. Have lots of photos of your fights, and of you, and offer a friendly environment for boxing fans to get to know you by having a bio, with your record, and some personal touches that you can add to the site to show your own unique personality. 


#10 TIP


NETWORK, Network, and do not stop Networking with other boxers!  You will learn more about the sport, more about each other, and make this tough road of women’s boxing a smoother and more enjoyable experience in the sport.




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